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How do to jump transitions

Posted by kite2012 On January - 13 - 2015

Dimitri Maramenides from Epic Kites teach you how to do a jump transition in his funny way. This is a cool video to watch even for those that already know how to do a jump transition. Humour, style and knowledge packed together in this video, enjoy!


Kitesurfer found drowned in Langebaan – South Africa

Posted by kite2012 On January - 7 - 2015

The kitesurfer who was an instructor was having a session in the late afternoon. According to rumours the kitesurfer, a 39 years old man from the Netherlands was doing an attempt to do an unhooked handle pass trick, but somehow managed to get one arm entangled in a steering line which resulted in the kite start making low kite loops. If the man at the same time was knocked unconscious is unsure, but it can explain why he drowned from this incident. Nevertheless, it is sad news for the kitesurfing community and we are once more reminded of the risk that is involved in kitesurfing. Never kite alone, wear a helmet, a life west and use your common sense.