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Boracay White Beach

Posted by kite2012 On February - 6 - 2012

Took a day of yesterday, i.e. I didn’t go kiteboarding. Instead I decided to check out the White Beach. The White Beach is a paradise for sunbathers! Clear water, white sand, plenty of space, coconut palms and refreshening drinks and food are always within reach. This beach pretty much fulfil all criteria to be called a perfect beach!

Unfortunately I don’t belong to those that value a whole day on the beach, I get bored quite quickly from laying in the sand letting the sun’s insidious rays burn my body. But I don’t mind a nice beach walk, so I walked to the end of the beach where I turned to walk back.

On my way back I passed two small girls, maybe 4-5 years old, dragging sacks filled with bottles and cans in the sweat of their brow. I asked them if they wanted help with carriage of the sacks. For a moment they hesitated, probably cause they were afraid that I would steal their cans and bottles, but their hesitation turned into joy as soon as they understood that I actually offered myself to carry their heavy loads. So I took both sacks in one hand and started walk along the beach with the two girls running along my side, I guess it was that day’s good deed =)


By the way, I have stopped updating every day as you may have noticed. I think I was a bit to naive when I though that I would manage to update this site with a new post everyday… That´s why I stopped putting the days number in the titles =P

Anyway, today has been another good kitesurfing day! I also made a new friend on my way to the beach! Check him out! =)









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