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Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

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Fuerteventura Corralejo Live Webcam

Posted by redshark On August - 20 - 2012

Are you currently staying at Fuerteventura or planning to go there soon? Either way, being able to check the current wind conditions is always nice! Check out Redsharks new live webcam, right on one of the best spots of Fuerteventura!!!


Kitesurfing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Posted by PDCKiteboarding On August - 19 - 2012

Looking for a great Kiteboarding holidays? Amazing Scuba diving for no wind days? Crazy night life or relaxing family Resorts?
Welcome to the unmatchable Carribean destination: Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen, Quinatana Roo state, Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen is right in the middle of The Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera,  a tourism district following the coastal Highway 307 which parallels the Caribbean coastline of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located on the eastern portion of the Yucatan peninsula.

Originally a small fishing town, Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa” as called by the Locals, became a world famous Scuba Diving destination right on top of the second longest barrier reef system in the world and  rapidly  developped over the past few  years with many new luxury residential condominium buildings, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues.

This is the place for sailing, Jet skiing, snorkeling,scuba diving , swimming in cenotes, swimming with dolphins, zip lining, horse riding, guided jungle tours and recently KITEBOARDING.

KITESURFING SPOTS in Playa del Carmen area:


The beach of the Sandos Playacar Resort in playacar Hotel Zone is the main Kiteboarding Spot in the Area and also the only Authorized Kite beach and School of Playa del Carmen.
Starting from the Sandos Playacar Resort toward south, you will find a designated  mile long white sandy Kiteboarding  beach with no rocks, no obstacles and a lot of space to rig and launch/Land your Kites.

Sandos Playacar Kiteboarding Spot and PDCK teaching area.

Right on spot is PDC KITEBOARDING SCHOOL, the only Authorized kiteboarding School of Playa del Carmen, which offers IKO beginner courses with International certifications, Equipment rental and supervision, Equipment sale and Demos.

Sandos Playacar Resort, PDC Kiteboarding Authorized area.

The staff is very friendly and speaks up to 6 different languages.

On site you will find toilets, Shower and fresh water tank to rinse your gear off.
The Resort offers 12% discount on your online Resort booking if you come for Kiteboarding. Ask PDC Kiteboarding to get the “Promotional Code”.

The Wind season is from October till the end of May ( Sometime mid June). You should be able to ride 4/5 days a week during this period.

Playa del Carmen wind statistics. Mexico.

Windguru forecast: http://www.windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=133819

Wind is usually from 13 to 22 Knots on the Caribbean coast and works with NE, E, SE and S.
NE wind is usually the best as it is a bit colder, denser and pulls much more.
When the wind turns North (Called here “El Norte”), it blows from 25 to 35+ knots, and then you need to go to Isla Blanca Lagoon north of Cancun(ask PDC Kiteboarding about Lagoon excursion).

EPIC Kiteboarding Center at Sandos Playacar Resort



  • If you are coming to learn and take your IKO certification course, if you like All inclusive Resorts, if you to have your family doing their own activities few feet away from the Kite area or if you just want to be as closed as possible from the Kiteboarding School and spot, the best option for you is to stay at the Sandos Playacar Resort which is right next to the spot.

Also, as a Kiteboarder, you can get 12 % of your All Inclusive Resort booking with the special promotional code. Get in touch with pdckiteboarding@gmail.com to get the code.

  • If you prefer small hotels downtown (only 7min by taxi to get to the Kite school/spot), there are hundreds of them right in the center of PDC.

Have a look at “La rana Cansada”, http://www.ranacansada.com/.


PDC KITEBOARDING, www.pdckiteboarding.com.

Info at pdckiteboarding@gmail.com.

PDC Kiteboarding School and EPIC Demo center


From Europe the cheapest is to fly from Brussels Airport, Belgium with www.jetairfly.com , straight to Cancun.
Plenty of flights from USA and CANADA.

Kitesurfing in Tuamotus

Posted by kite2012 On August - 8 - 2012

Tuamotus a.k.a Tuamotu Archipelago is located in French Polynesia and consist of a number of islands and atolls.
Tuamotus is still quite unexplored by kitesurfers, however it can be one of the top kitesurfing spots in the world!
The islands make up hundreds of beaches that are far from crowded, which means huge space for launching and rigging your kite. There are also several protected bays which allow you to ride on super flat water, but of course you have the option to go surfing in the waves in the open sea.
Tuamotos is a place where you can go not just to kitesurf, but engage in various activities such as kayaking, spear and bait fishing, diving and not to mention – eat delicious fresh sea food as well as enjoy fine wine and good drinks.

Watch this awesome video and there will be no doubts where you wanna head for your next kitesurfing trip!

Flysurfer team rider Lukash in Egypt

Posted by kite2012 On July - 30 - 2012

Flysurfer team rider Lukash is a guy that knows how to kite with style!

Reno Romeu in Arubinha, Rio de Janeiro

Posted by kite2012 On July - 18 - 2012

Reno Romeau has been travelling around the world for 5 years, kiteboarding at hundreds of different spots, but his favourite spot is called “Arubinha” in Rio de Janeiro. Check this video and you might understand why, the spot looks pretty awesome!

Kiteboarding worldcup in the Netherlands 2012

Posted by kite2012 On July - 16 - 2012

Here is a nice video from the kiteboarding world cup in the Netherlands 2012. Alex Pastor delivers as usual and not surprisingly becomes the winner in the freestyle competition.

Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka 2012

Posted by kite2012 On July - 14 - 2012

Here is a nice video from Sri Lanka, the best video I could find today among all other crappy kite videos…

Kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic

Posted by kite2012 On July - 12 - 2012

Tony Cohn and Brendan Kerr kiteboarding in the Dominican Republic.

Reno Romeu kitesurfing at two awesome spots at Rio de Janeiro, Praia Grande and Cabo Frio.

Bas Koole

Posted by kite2012 On July - 10 - 2012

Here is the latest addition to Kite 2012, Bas Koole in Brazil!

Annelous Lammerts Kitesurfing in Brazil

Posted by kite2012 On July - 7 - 2012

Brunotti’s team rider chick Annelous Lammerts kiteboarding in Brazil. Bas Koole captured some epic wipeouts and some nice tricks as well, good job!

Kitesurfing Portugal

Posted by kite2012 On July - 6 - 2012

Here is a nice video from some guys that have been kitesurfing in Lagoa de Albufeira, Portugal.

Wind and Waves Festival 2012

Posted by kite2012 On July - 5 - 2012

Must be tough for all windsurfers out there watching the kiteboarders jumping skyhigh and making crazy tricks making windsurfing looking nerdy and super boring. On top of that the windsurfers are now being kicked out from the Olympics in favor of the kiteboarders… talk about being put in the shadow behind the kiteboarders ;)
Joking aside, vindsurfing can pretty cool as well! Check out these maniacs that are windsurfing in 20 knots in Gran Canaria, guess that’s the wind speed necessary to perform a double backloop with a windsurfing sail :)

And now a video that has nothing to with kitesurfing or windsurfing whatsoever. Just a great tune from The Naked And Famous – Punching In A Dream, a tune that goes on repeat in my sound system right now. Actually the same song that is used in one of all videos with Youri ZoonThe Ultimate Reward

Florian Daubos Kiteboarding in the Carribean Sea

Posted by kite2012 On July - 4 - 2012

Another funny video from Naish, filmed in the San Blas archipelago in the Caribbean sea, featuring Florian Daubos getting wasted and kiteboarding.
Dreaming about kiteboarding is something I do quite often. I suppose you do that as well now and then :) Kiteboarding with a hangover happens to me some times as well, is there a better way to wake up and freshen up after a wet night? Florian Daubos is probably not an exception and I think this is a video which may well have happened to him in real life! Those kids he picks up on board must be in heaven! :)
Some facts about the San Blas archipelago. This beautiful place consist of 360 smaller island spread along the Panamanian coast. The people that live here is called Kunas, friendly indians that live under simple conditions without cars, computers, iphones and all other technical shit which is integral to our lives, and the Kunas seem to be very happy living their life like that, the natural way of living a life. I think I could swap my apartment for an island or two in the San Blas archipelago, if I just could bring my kite :P