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Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

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Western Australia – Fremantle

Posted by kite2012 On May - 6 - 2012

A nice summer video from WA Fremantle featuring some great riders such Alberto Rondino, Luke Whiteside, Alex Parker, Jake Higgins and a bunch of other skilled kiteboarders, enjoy!

Malin Amle in Australia

Posted by kite2012 On April - 6 - 2012

Malin Amle at Woodman Point and Safety Bay in Western Australia. A nice video well worth watching and Malin is a very talented kitesurfing girl!

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Katie Potter Kitesurfing

Posted by kite2012 On March - 7 - 2012

Hey guys, girls can kitesurf too! Check out Katie Potter in this video and you´ll see how it should be done!
This is Katie’s first kite video ever, filmed in Perth. Good work, keep em coming Katie!

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Best KiteSurfing Video 2012

Posted by kite2012 On February - 15 - 2012

This is by far one of the best kitesurfing videos for 2012. Great music, nice editing, good variety (not just 9 minutes of unhooked handle passes) and the spots where these guys are kiting looks absolutely amazing! If you ever plan to make a kitesurfing video, use this video as a template and your video will become a success!

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