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The most well-designed kite on the market!

Posted by kite2012 On May - 20 - 2012

Which kite is the most well-designed kite on the market? I find it hard to answer that question. Is it the Slingshot RPM, Cabrinha Crossbow, BWS Noise? I´ve been an owner of several different kites and I can’t say that I´ve been fully satisfied with any of them, there has always been something in the construction and the design that has been bothering me. The center-line and depower strap on Slingshot’s control bar system sucks in my opinion, not only do these “ropes” wear easily but giving me blisters between my fingers. The lines that Cabrinha provide are crap, after a season they are at least 1 inch longer. The control bars that came with my Royal Kites proved to be fairly easy to crack (I’ve managed to crack 2 Royal control bars!)
Just recently I noticed that the donkey dick on my new “smartbar” for my Airush Varial X 2012 was broken. A bar that have been used about 5 times!
What I´m trying to say here is that it obviously is hard to design a kite that last!
I understand that the manufacturers do what they can to cut the costs, for instance by using cheap materials. Not saying that cheap materials necessarily must be of poor quality, but I assume that it´s more likely to find crappy materials in China fabric than in NASA’s development centre. So I find it natural that the kites from different kite manufacturers have “weak” and “strong” parts in their kites depending on whom they have chosen as for their suppliers.
This brings us to another rather difficult question, which kite brand that has the best suppliers? Best in terms of supplying quality parts.
I guess that it could be possible to tell which kites that are more likely to last if we had information about their suppliers, but I don’t, and it would require a thorough research to unearth that information…
I wish someone out there could give me solid proofs that showed me black on white which kite that is made of the highest quality materials. Or to put it in another way, I´d like to know which kite to buy to get as much kite as possible per dollar.
Until that day I assume that I´ll have to live in uncertainty and rely on what I read on kite forums and what I see in kite promos :P

Finally, if for some reason bothered to read all this, then you might as well take a look at this promo for Gin Guru. My old picture of Gin kites is that they are just another newcomer located in Switzerland that tries to take their share of the pie in the kite selling market. But lately I´ve read lots of positive words about this kite. Perhaps is Gin making the best kites on the market? Who the hell knows… Anyway, I like their new promo. I bet they manage to get some new followers thanks to this short clip, you should not undervalue the effect of good marketing! :)

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