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RRD Obsession 2012

Posted by kite2012 On August - 21 - 2012

RRD Obsession 2012 is a 4-line high performance freestyle kite with 5 struts. The Obsession has a strong durable construction with full dacron wingtips and reinforcements at the exposed parts such as the strut ends as well as the cross stitched Leading Edge. The kite has a great stability and a fast turning speed. In fact the shape of the kite has been reamped in order to improve the turning speed for the bigger sizes and a bit slowed down for the smaller sizes. The bar pressure is light, so you can ride all day long with out fucking up your elbows or getting pain in your underarms. The Obsession is an exceptional kite for unhooked tricks and it is perfectly trimmed even when fully powered. It flies with lots of forward speed and massive pops. The construction also allow the rider to jump high and enjoy a great hang time. Water relaunch is easy and the safety system works flawlessly. Nuff said, watch the movie and see the Obsession in action!