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Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

A Perfect Darkslide

Posted by kite2012 On June - 4 - 2012

Here is a nice clip from South Africa. Forward the video to 05:45 and you´ll see that these guys have found a kite spot that looks amazing! The darkslide at 06:30 is probably the smoothest darkslide I ever seen on a video, that’s what you can call riding with style!

Perhaps the stupiest thing I’ve ever done…

Posted by kite2012 On June - 2 - 2012

You know the feeling when you havn’t been kiting for a while and then suddenly a day come when there is sun and wind… lots of wind! You can’t wait to get your ass to the water and have an awesome session! That day came to me yesterday. The forecast looked very promising in the morning, perfect conditions! The forecast for the afternoon showed that you could expect some serious strong wind coming in… Unfortunately I had to be in the school from morning to 1 pm. So when I finally was home after school, I grabbed my gear and rushed to the bus. To get to my local kite spot from the town where I live you have to change bus in another small town. So I jumped off the bus in the other small town and waited for the second bus, that didn’t come! I waited for 20 minutes, then I called the bus company. I was told that the bus already had left. Impossible, since I was at the bus stop at least 3 minutes before the time that the bus were suppose to leave. I got pissed off! the buses from the second bus stop only go once per hour, so I had two options. Either wait for 40 minutes or start walking to the kitespot, a walk that would have taken at least one hour… Then I got this “brilliant” idea. Why not walk to water and simply ride with my kite to the kitespot.


I started to walk. I reached the water about 15 minutes later, after crossing the highway and a field with fences and stinging nettles.
My plan was to perform a self launch with the kite, put my clothes and shoes in the kitebag and simply ride to the kitespot. So I rigged the kite and packed my bag. Everything was set! Only problem was that the wind was picking up and I could see some rain frontals out in the sea… I had to wait to a little bit. The front pasted and I saw my chance. I walked out in the water with the kite in my hand and my bag on my back. The self launch went well and I was up on the board, yeehaaa!

What I did not really take into account, or rather denied, was that I could get in trouble if the wind picked up a little… it was in my head of course, but it was a little too late to avert the insanity project… The problem was not only that the waves were pretty high and that the wind was strong and gusty. I could under no circumstances fall into the water since I had all my clothes in the bag on my back, including my iphone, keys, money, etc… The wind was so strong that the kite, a 9m Airush Varial X got bended and deformed due to the high wind pressure, though it was pumped to about 7.5 bar. When that happened, I had to bring down the kite to the surface and wait for the frontal to pass. I was on shallow water when this happened, so my bag was still quite dry.
Anyway, I continued my ride and everything went ok, until I reached a bay where I was forced to ride out several hundred metres to be able to pass a pier and a small lighthouse. I struggled to ride upwind in 3 metres high waves and was finally far out enough to be able to try to pass the lighthouse. However, a big fucking rain cloud was coming in and I thought to myself that this is a very bad idea, but this has to make or break!
Then it happened… The frontal was right over me and the wind was so strong that the kite got deformed again. I tried my best to ride downwind through the huge waves in high speed, but I had no chance to stay up on the board with the deformed and fully depowered above my head. I crashed into a wave and lost my board in the waves behind me. Trying to bodydrag upwind to reach the board would have been pointless in my situation, so I bodydragged downwind a few hundred meters until I reach the shallow water near the beach. I pulled the quick release and managed to reach my kite. I walked up on the beach and secured the kite with tons of sand. My board was lost in the ocean, but I figured that it would get washed ashore sooner or later. I was more worried about my bag, or rather all the stuff such as my iphone inside the bag, but it should be ok considering that I had put my iphone inside my jacket and the jacket inside a plastic bag. It is in this moment that it dawns on me, the bag is not on my back!!! I gaze out over the angry sea, but see nothing but water and waves… I also realize that one of my contact lenses is gone.
What to do now? Well, I got back in the water to search for my bag and my board. My worst fear was that the bag would have sunk to the bottom and I prayed to god that the pump still would be attached to the bag providing it with some buoyancy.

About an hour later I sight something black and round floating in the water, not to far from the beach, my bag!! Totally exhausted I waded through the water, up to the bag and lifted it up, what a feeling! I carried it back on land, like I was carrying a drowned person, the bag was safe! It turned out that one of the carrying straps had been ripped off when I crashed in the water and somehow it apperantly had slipped out from the other arm when I was tumbling around there for some seconds. Everything inside the bag was soaked, everything but a small piece of bread that was wrapped in a small plastic bag.

About 2 hours later I jump on a bus again, this time soaking wet and with an iphone that is completely dead!
I shake my head over my stupidity and I know that I only have myself to blame, but nothing bad without anything good. Now I have a good story to tell and the ground rule that you shouldn’t kite alone got another dimension for me. And hopefully some of you out there will learn something from a moron like me :)

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Kitesurfing video with Kent VinterNoll2!

Posted by kite2012 On May - 31 - 2012

The guy that made this video is from Germany. The location where it is filmed is at the Kite Beach in Sal, Cabo Verde. I might be wrong, but I´m pretty sure that the guy in the beginning of the video that brings the wave board is Mitu Monteiro, the wave world champion 2008 and F-One’s best teamrider! And the music is KENT – probably the best swedish band ever! I don’t know if this guy realize that he has made a really great video!

And here is the song with Kent – VinterNoll 2

Rapace kites

Posted by kite2012 On May - 26 - 2012

Ever heard about Rapace? Or have you ever seen a Rapace kite? No?, Well, the probability is quite small since Rapace just recently entered the kite manufacturing market. Currently they only have resellers in Canada, France, Italy, Slovenia and the Netherlands. They are actually looking for resellers, so if you want to sell kites, now is your chance!

Rapace produce kites both for snowkiting and kitesurfing. They also produce boards, harnesses, so Rapace pretty much cover the whole spectra. However, their range of products is still small, but I assume that it will grow larger with time.

The one and only kitesurfing kite that is for sale on the market is the Rapace RW1. It’s a 9m hybride kite. Let’s take a deeper look into it. Note that this information is taken right from the Rapace official site (, so the drawbacks with this kite, if any… are of course not stated ;)

The RW1 is easy to use. No oddities or special features, therefor suitable for beginners.
It comes with a one pump system so you don’t have to worry about being the last one that enters the water.
The RW1 is very stable, yet lively and responsive.
The shape of the RW1 allows for a huge lift for those who love long flights when attached to the harness.
The large depower allows you to ride in a wide wind range.

Technical details:

* One pump
* Bar with double stoppers
* Security system + trim piece
* Reinforced fabric on LE and struts
* 25 meter lines
* Non-return ball in the valve on the leading edge
* Quick and easy trim over the bar
* Teijin fabrics
* Reinforcements struts


* Hybrid
* 5 struts
* 4 lines
* double pullies
* Freestyle/freeride



Nothing new really. All kites manufactured today are more or less constructed in the same way with one pump, teijin fabrics, reinforcements etc…

However, what I find interesting with this kite is the price! You can buy this Rapace RW1 kite for as low as $815 or 650 € including bar, pump, bag! The url to the online shop is

Finally, here is a video that shows that it’s fully possible to perform well with this kite in the water!

Kitesurfing in Bali

Posted by kite2012 On May - 25 - 2012

Kitesurfing, also known as” Kiteboarding “started at the end of the 90’ and become one of the most popular extreme water sports gaining followers all over the world.
Kitesurfing is a unique and exciting sport that is the combination of many other watersports: The speed of water skiing, the acrobatic moves of wakeboarding, the precise curves on the waves like surfers and the amazing jumps that makes you literally flying!

Hearing all of this makes you feel like you want to run to the beach, get a kite a board and launch yourself into this incredible adventure.

But like all extreme sports is not as easy as it seems and could be very dangerous! Numerous deaths happened around the world…

Watching experience riders flying effortless on their boards and shredding havoc on the waves or jump as high as a bird really looks like it’s nothing and anyone can do it…

Kitesurfing is a sport to be taken with extreme respect! The kites are extremely powerful and can easily become a danger to yourself and to others. Like a wild horse can drag you on the beach or thrown you in the air like a twig.

So try to follow the few tips that are listed below trying to avoid those mistakes and mishaps that all of us pioneers of this sport have happened sooner or later during our first steps:

1 – It’s always best, at least at the beginning, to use the services of a professional school, this will help you to learn more quickly and way more safely than if you try on your own.
Not only that but you will save money! Because crashing and destroying a brand new kite can seriously hurt your bank account.

2 – Get informed! There are hundreds of sites on the web where to find information’s about kitesurfing, how to learn, types of kiteboarding equipment, where to do it and all the dangers related.

Here are few very good:
– Kitesurfing School, pretty much the bible for those who want to learn the sport,
– Kite Forum, a forum where thousand of fans enjoy discussing their favorite sport,
– Bali Kitesurfing, the original and most informative guide about Kitesurfing in Bali and all of Indonesia

– Bali Kitesurfing on Facebook, get all the latest news and find a daily wind report of the conditions in Sanur at Kite Beach

3 – If there are no schools in your area, try to learn on your own but step by step.

Start by flying a small trainer kite specially designed for learning safely also call  “stunt kite” normally about  2 square meters.

Then read everything possible in the web sites mentioned above and get an instructional Kitesurfing DVD professional made like the one from Progression.

Learn to Wakeboard behind a boat to help with your board riding skill.

In Bali the best place to start is at kite Beach in Sanur “Pantai Pura Mertasari” where there is huge lagoon with calm water that is perfect for practice.

The wind intensity in Bali is never too strong so is very rare that it reach a force such that kiteboarding become really dangerous.

Rather there are more days when we wander from one beach to another desperately looking for that gust of air that allows us to glide over the water and dream.

To learn kitesurfing in Bali there are already few schools and they are all located in Sanur:

Bali Kitesurfing School, is owned and run by the Balinese kite team, they are very patient and very good in teaching.
They only use the latest and best equipment on the market.

Water Lessons are all One on One and the instructors follow you at all time in the water in a motorized boat.

Rip Curl School of Surf, is an international Kitesurfing school that is associated to IKO.

In Bali and all of Indonesia at the moment there is only ONE shop where to find all you need.

KITE & SURF BALI – THE PRO SHOP located in Sanur very close to Kite Beach.
Prices are really convenient compare to any other place in the world and they sell equipment from the best brands like: Cabrinha, Ozone, Underground, Flying Object and more.

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Kitesurfing in Cape Verde

Posted by kite2012 On May - 24 - 2012

Cape Verde is quickly becoming synonymous with the term Kite Surfing. It is a hidden jewel in the middle of a vast ocean. Having lived on the island of Sal for 6 years I can confidently attest to its greatness as a kite destination. Where else in the world can you arrive at an airport and travel only 20 min to your hotel and then only another 10 min to one of 4 kite spots. Not many by my reckoning. I learned to kite surf here and will freely admit that it was challenging. There is no lagoon, no shallow water and nowhere that is always completely flat. However, by the time I was up and riding I felt confident that I could kite surf anywhere in the world. Once I was up, I worried that I would soon become bored and have to find a new challenge. However 6 years down the road, the opportunities for challenge are boundless.
Sal has 4 main kite locations all within a 10-20 min range. Each spot offers something completely different.

There is the Bay Santa Maria. Here the wind is often side off (though it can change to off, on, or side) and fairly flat. It is a great place for long runs. There are no rocks, no reefs, but you may bump into a turtle, some dolphins and on occasion even a whale. Further up the Bay is Lembje beach. To enter here is a little difficult as there are some rocks. However once you are out, it is great sailing. The inside of the Bay is flat, whereas the outside often offers a lovely swell. When the waves do come in here, they are some of the nicest on the island.



On the west coast there is the beach in front of the Riu hotel. Here the wind is more off shore and is brilliant for speed sailing and free style. It is also 500 meters from the world famous wave spot Punta Preta. Punta Preta, when it is working, offers an orchestra of both large and powerful waves. The wave can reach up to 6 meters high, with a beach break to match. Across the island from this spot on the east coast is Kite Beach. Kite beach has a reef, on shore winds, and waves for those yearning to jump and play in waves without fear. To top it all off, we have yet to reach the point of saturation. There is space to play, space to ride, space to jump. When you are not on the water, the Island is governed by the local motto of NO STRESS. Cape Verdians are friendly and easy to spend time with. There is little to no rain and there is more than enough sun to satisfy those accompanying the obsessed kiter.
There are no major tourist sites, which makes for a stress-guilt free holiday of either lying in the sun or being out on the water.
There are a number of schools on the island offering lessons and rentals for both kite and windsurfing. I would recommend Surf Zone, which has a school in the Bay of Santa Maria and on the west coast in front of the Riu hotel. It is the only school that offers only private and semi private lessons to ensure both safety and quality lessons. For more information on the island, kite spots etc, visit their site , which offers a large amount of information. For me, having traveled and lived in a number of countries, this is as good as it gets.

/ Sheena

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Hooked 2012

Posted by kite2012 On May - 13 - 2012

HOOKED is the largest adventure sports event of Friesland and takes place the weekend of 12 and 13 May 2012 on the beach of Workum. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are the main elements in which visitors can participate in lessons and professional surfers can watch, but that’s not all. HOOKED distinguished by the different popular extreme sports by visitors are polite and experienced. Wind or no wind, HOOKED is always a success!

The activities of 2011 included Kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons, BMX demos and lessons, Loangboarden, SUP (stand up padle) and as a great spectacle the BigAirBAG. This is a big cushion where PRO BMX’ers ​​from a ramp in flies. For 2012, the organization began to fully achieve the superlative.

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Kitesurfing babes

Posted by kite2012 On May - 10 - 2012

These girls might not be the most skilled kitesurfers, but very nice to watch! In fact I like this little video better than all the cool guys showing off their crazy unhooked freestyle trick.
The video is apperantly a promo for and aimed for girls, but I suppose many guys will find this promo worth watching as well :)

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Kitesurfing Crashes

Posted by kite2012 On May - 9 - 2012

What’s more entertaining than watching massive wipeouts? As they say, malice is the only true joy, as long as someone doesn’t get hurt of course. Anyway, here is a compilation of kiteboarding crashes. Remember to be careful out there!

The crash at 0:15 reminds you that kiteboarding can be dangerous… kitesurfing near sharp stones is never a good idea!

No major crashes, but good music!

Turn off the sound before you watch this one…

The famous top hat scene plus some instructions on how to perform kiteloops in a safe way, just in case you don’t wanna end up yourself in one of these kitesurfing crashes compilations :)

Launch and land in a safe area and in a safe way is something you learn during your kite course. I wonder if this guy ever took a kite lesson…

1:34 – the dude seems to be quite pissed off for some reason. If you’re a kiteboarder it really helps if you get along with other people. I´d say kiteboarding is as much of a team sport as fotball or hockey.

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Kiteboarding in Gulfport Mississippi

Posted by kite2012 On May - 9 - 2012

Here is a cool vid from Gulfport in Mississippi. Nice footage and good choice of music, just the way I like kitesurfing videos!

Movistar Kitesurf Tour 2012 in Matanzas

Posted by kite2012 On May - 7 - 2012

This is the 3:rd episode of the Rise Kitesurfing Podcast series featuring JP Diban and the Chilean National Wavemaster, The Movistar Kitesurf Tour 2012 in Matanzas. The video is far from the best I´ve seen, but I like the music, so I decided to post it here :)

Dr. Tuba – kite repair kit

Posted by kite2012 On May - 7 - 2012

Many of us have probably heard of Dr. Tuba (, the site you visit when you had a major blow out on your bladder. Dr. Tuba for sell great kite repairing stuff, such as patches in different sizes, glue, dacron, flying lines etc. Dr. Tuba has a new promo video for the complete (ultimate) repair kit.

Looks good, doesn’t it!? The only problem I find with Dr. Tuba is the price… This complete repair kit cost 69,90€. You might as well by a whole new bladder for this price. And is Dr. Tuba the only place where you can by kite repair stuff? No, you can by adhesives, kite lines, glue etc. at many different places to a much better price. For instance Thermoplastic Polyurethane Film (adhesive patches) can be bought at and In fact the patches from Dr. Tuba is made by 3m. Kite lines can be bought in your local sail shop or online on several sites, such as Polyurethane (PU) glues can also be bought everywhere. is just a example.
Another option to buying kite repair stuff from shops is to simply use the kite forums. Post a thread and let people know that your´re looking for some patches, kite lines or whatever you need. You´re more likely get bunch of replies from people that gladly will give away their excess for free. I recently talked with a kite school that threw away hundreds of meters with kite lines since it was just laying there collecting dust.


Dr. Tuba have the stuff you need to repair your kite, but the one that is on a limited budget or the one that simply doesn’t want to pay exorbitant amounts for things that in fact can be purchased considerably cheaper have lots of better alternatives.

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Western Australia – Fremantle

Posted by kite2012 On May - 6 - 2012

A nice summer video from WA Fremantle featuring some great riders such Alberto Rondino, Luke Whiteside, Alex Parker, Jake Higgins and a bunch of other skilled kiteboarders, enjoy!

Tom’s kitchen episode 4

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We Love Kiteboarding

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Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

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Red Bull King of the Air 2015 – Rule the Sky

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A new video from Kite 2013

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What do to when it´s not too windy

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How to film yourself while kitesurfing

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Kiteloop Crash

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Cross the Atlantic ocean by a kite!

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