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Top 5 Kite surfing Camps

Posted by kite2012 On October - 21 - 2012

Kitesurfing camps have become a popular way for people to learn kitesurfing and reach a higher level compared to those that just take a one or two day course. Another benefit with kite camps are the fact that you get to know the group of people that are participating in the camp, hence kite camps are great for the one that wants to learn kitesurfing and make friends at the same time! We are here listing 5 of the best kite camps over the world!

  1. Kitesurfing Lanka is Sri Lanka’s only professionally run camps. It’s situated in Kalpitiya where the conditions are ideal for beginners and advance riders alike. The flat water lagoon, large beach, consistent winds, safety boats and instructors who speak a number of languages ensure that beginners learn the sport in a safe and enjoyable manner. For advance riders, there is the option of choosing the sea, waves, lagoon, kite trips, so many options.

    The camp itself offers a range of accommodation options. From a premium chalet to a dorm style backpacker cabins. All meals are provided in the price which includes a mix of western and local cuisine. The team organizers everything for you from airport transfers to tuk tuk rides! There are also national parks with elephants and leopard, ancient cities which are 2000 years old within driving distance of the camp.

    KSL is run by kiters for kiters and are managed by a Sri Lankan and French duo who would go out of the way to make you have a great experience. The peak season lasts from May to end September.

  2. Witch’s Rock Surf Camp is one of the world’s best surf camps in Costa Rica, a perfect place for kite surfing. A lovely, amazing surfing community, located on a classy beach of warm water and amazing waves. Surrounded by people who are friendly and have the passion of surfing. Beginner, Intermediates and Advanced learners, all can surf directly on the main beach of the country, the Tomarindo. Instructors in Costa Rica have guidelines written in Spanish and English for the learners. One must try out surfing with different types of surfboards. Here it also teaches on how to make surfboard designs, rules for surf manners, and how waves are made.
  3. Sagana Resort, Cloud 9 located at Siargao Island in Philippines, is one of the beautiful places with unbelievable waves. Siagro Island Resort is little away from the stunning surf of Cloud 9 which is the main attraction of the place. From August to the beginning of November are the months for surfing. Typhoon swells and best winds takes place at this time. But during May, June, and July time it’s smaller. Except Cloud 9, there are other places like – Jacking Horse, Tuason Left, Rock Island, Stimpies Pacifico, Other Waves which are also open for surfing. One should have travel insurance when coming to Philippines.
  4. Surf Camp Australia has different range of packages for surfing. If anyone wants to surf and have holiday then he must visit to Australia as it’s going to be a lovely weekend, a holiday which will make a difference in one’s life. There are packages for surfing. There will be friendly Australian instructors to instruct the beginners, intermediates and the advanced learners. There are different steps for the beginners to learn. Paddling, standing up, dropping into waves and riding will be taught during the teaching session of surfing. There are total five beaches where the surfing lesson will be given to the learners.
  5. Easy Drop is one of the renowned schools in the world and internationally claimed Surf School. It’s located at State of Bahia, Brazil, one of the first class surf schools. In Easy Drop Camp, the instructor gives practical, theoretical equipments and also strokes classes. These classes are sub-divided with different lessons to make it easier for the learners. Bahia has stunning beaches, warm water and great surfing for riders. There are total eight beaches where surfing is being done. One of the advantages of surfing in this place is that it’s less crowded cause for its remote location and limited access.
  6. Surfer’s Paradise Campsite is one of the best camps in UK. This camp is located 10 miles away from Barnstaple in North Devon. The camp is close to the stunning beach suitable for surfing. The facilities that are been provided to the learners that they can hire surf, RNLI lifeguards, toilets, event information, hot and cold showers, picnic tables, weather and tide updates. Even the camps have rules of doing do’s and don’ts. One who will go for surfing to surfer’s Paradise will have a memorable one. One must listen to the instructors as they are the beginners for surfing.

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  1. Jack Kiter Said,

    While searching the internet for a kitesurf camp I came across a few really good sites.
    This one has 6 listed, some good, some not so much. I found another good Kiteboard Camp in Brazil, it has has 3 different Camps aimed at separate rider markets. Maybe this site should include it here? If you want to check it out, I think its worth it, the site is take a look and see for yourself.
    Happy Kiting all.

    Posted on March 10th, 2013 at 12:17 am

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