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Annelous Lammerts Kitesurfing in Brazil

Posted by kite2012 On July - 7 - 2012

Brunotti’s team rider chick Annelous Lammerts kiteboarding in Brazil. Bas Koole captured some epic wipeouts and some nice tricks as well, good job!

Susi Mai naked!!

Posted by kite2012 On July - 6 - 2012

Well, at least almost naked, considering that the only thing covering her body is a thin layer of paint. So all of you who wonders what Susi Mai looks like under the wetsuit, take a look at this ;)

Kitesurfing Portugal

Posted by kite2012 On July - 6 - 2012

Here is a nice video from some guys that have been kitesurfing in Lagoa de Albufeira, Portugal.

Wind and Waves Festival 2012

Posted by kite2012 On July - 5 - 2012

Must be tough for all windsurfers out there watching the kiteboarders jumping skyhigh and making crazy tricks making windsurfing looking nerdy and super boring. On top of that the windsurfers are now being kicked out from the Olympics in favor of the kiteboarders… talk about being put in the shadow behind the kiteboarders ;)
Joking aside, vindsurfing can pretty cool as well! Check out these maniacs that are windsurfing in 20 knots in Gran Canaria, guess that’s the wind speed necessary to perform a double backloop with a windsurfing sail :)

And now a video that has nothing to with kitesurfing or windsurfing whatsoever. Just a great tune from The Naked And Famous – Punching In A Dream, a tune that goes on repeat in my sound system right now. Actually the same song that is used in one of all videos with Youri ZoonThe Ultimate Reward

Florian Daubos Kiteboarding in the Carribean Sea

Posted by kite2012 On July - 4 - 2012

Another funny video from Naish, filmed in the San Blas archipelago in the Caribbean sea, featuring Florian Daubos getting wasted and kiteboarding.
Dreaming about kiteboarding is something I do quite often. I suppose you do that as well now and then :) Kiteboarding with a hangover happens to me some times as well, is there a better way to wake up and freshen up after a wet night? Florian Daubos is probably not an exception and I think this is a video which may well have happened to him in real life! Those kids he picks up on board must be in heaven! :)
Some facts about the San Blas archipelago. This beautiful place consist of 360 smaller island spread along the Panamanian coast. The people that live here is called Kunas, friendly indians that live under simple conditions without cars, computers, iphones and all other technical shit which is integral to our lives, and the Kunas seem to be very happy living their life like that, the natural way of living a life. I think I could swap my apartment for an island or two in the San Blas archipelago, if I just could bring my kite :P

Naish Kiteboarding in Maui

Posted by kite2012 On July - 4 - 2012

Here is a really nice video with some of the best riders in the Naish team. Watching Shawn Richman, Jesse Richman and Kai Lenny in this video is truly inspiring! Impressive to see them pull of those crazy tricks and watching Kai Lenny ride the monster waves in Maui is always a plessure!

Why you must commit yourself while kitelooping…

Posted by kite2012 On July - 3 - 2012

Have you been thinking of start doing kiteloops ala Ruben Lenten style for the last year or so, but you never really had the balls to even give the kitelooping a try, having all stories with broken ribs, fucked up knees etc. in your mind. You have probably heard it 100 times before, the importance of fully commit yourself while kitelooping. An advice that you should follow unless you wanna end your kiteloop in an insane wipeout like this one! =P

Sean Buell Kiteboarding

Posted by kite2012 On July - 2 - 2012

Sean Buell is the latest addition to the Best Kiteboarding Team. Sean was the winner of the 2012 Jupiter Kite Invasion. This video features Sean and his lifestyle in south Florida. Remember that it’s a Best video, so there are or for some glimpse of hot bikini girls ;)

Tom’s kitchen episode 4

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We Love Kiteboarding

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Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

Posted by Emma Pat
Nov-19-2014 I Comments Off on Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

Red Bull King of the Air 2015 – Rule the Sky

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A new video from Kite 2013

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What do to when it´s not too windy

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How to film yourself while kitesurfing

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Kiteloop Crash

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Cross the Atlantic ocean by a kite!

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