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Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

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Tom’s kitchen episode 4

Posted by kite2012 On May - 14 - 2016

Tom Hebert is with no doubt one of the most “stylish” kite riders and a great source for inspiration. There are three previous episodes of Tom’s Kitchen and they are all great and fun to watch! Episode 2 is probably my own favourite, but number 4 is also excellent! A video that deinitely deserves to be posted here on Kite 2012!

Pulled hamstring from kiting

Posted by kite2012 On April - 18 - 2016

You know the feeling in your legs when you’re totally wrong in the landing from a high jump. Even tough you slide the board away from you and take part of the landing with your ass you feel that these kind of landings probably aren’t too good for knees, ankles and muscles. Still nothing happens and you continue surf wondering how bad a landing must be to really wreck something in your body. I’m soon about to tell you what it takes and I’m sharing my story with you so that you don’t do the same mistake as me and so that you understand the importance of training your body to withstand the force when the wind is howling.

Until recently I was one of those lucky guys who never got injured from kitesurfing, not once in a seven years long kitesurfing career. Two months ago I was practising darkslides. I was at a level where I succeeded with my darkslides in one attempt out of three. The wind was strong the day I injured myself. Around 20 knots and I was well powered with a 10.5m RRD Obsession. To practise darkslides (or any other new trick for that matter) in this wind was probably my first mistake. Anyway, if you’re familiar with the darkslide you know that in order to get out of the slide you must loop the kite at a perfect timing to get a smooth lift and a soft landing. My second mistake this day was that I looped the kite right in the power zone and as a result I was janked horizontally with my legs straight back behind me. Almost like a railey, but with much more power. The third mistake this day was the fact that I was wearing thin boots with good grip. Exactly the same boots as these: kitesurfing boots.

These boots are good, but don’t tight your straps to much, because it will become hard to kick of your board in an emergency situation!

During my loop and horizontal flight something bad happens. My right foot is sliding out of its strap. Still flying I am desperately trying to kick of my board, but it´s stuck to its left foot. There is a fraction of a second where I have to make a decision. Land on my chest/face with the board behind me, with the risk for the board to get stuck in the water and twist my knee and/or ankle. Something which also could turn out very bad considering that I was aiming for a HARD impact. The second option was to quickly pull the board infront of me and take the landing with one foot. I went for the later option. I can tell you that the impact was just as hard as one of those bad landings when you sacrifice your ass to save your knees.

WHAAAM! The landing was like being hit in your face by a straight right from Mike Tyson. As a matter of fact the landing was so hard that my left upper leg went totally paralysed. There was no sound from a cracked bone or a snapped muscle, but the leg just got totally shut down, like it had been electrified. Fortunately I was close to the beack as this happened and I could drift to the beach and land the kite. Once free from the kite I started to investigate my leg. No visible damage, but there was no doubt that the leg had suffered from a severe stretch. To stand up on my feet was out of the question. As it turned out walking was out of the question for more than a week. The first three days I was just lying in my bed. Barely eating and drinking cause it was so painful to jump to the toilet. It felt like my hamstring was being held together by one single muscle fibre. But eventually I was able to slowly start walk again without crutches. This was on day 9 and of course with baby steps.















Today, exactly two months later my leg is still not kiteable. I´ve been to physio therapist three times already and there is a chance that I will do a MR if the medical care agrees. I´m training my leg as good as I can. I follow the the physio therapist program to every point and havn’t missed one single training day. I simply must get back my strength and I´ll do whatever it takes to get back on the water, hopefully stronger than ever. 3-4 months of rehab is the verdict by the physio therapists I´ve talked with.

To fuck up sometimes when kitesurfing is normal. Occasionally it happens to all of us. But what I learned from this injury is that out bodies has limits and if you want to push them make sure that you´re preparred for it. I´ve been training in the gym for 20 years but I can admit that legs havn’t always been first priority. Don’t neglect the fact that you can hurt yourself while kitesurfing. Train hard and stretch to become flexible. Warm up before those insane session, those are my two cents!

Kitesurfer found drowned in Langebaan – South Africa

Posted by kite2012 On January - 7 - 2015

The kitesurfer who was an instructor was having a session in the late afternoon. According to rumours the kitesurfer, a 39 years old man from the Netherlands was doing an attempt to do an unhooked handle pass trick, but somehow managed to get one arm entangled in a steering line which resulted in the kite start making low kite loops. If the man at the same time was knocked unconscious is unsure, but it can explain why he drowned from this incident. Nevertheless, it is sad news for the kitesurfing community and we are once more reminded of the risk that is involved in kitesurfing. Never kite alone, wear a helmet, a life west and use your common sense.

Youri Zoon leaves Slingshot for Best

Posted by kite2012 On November - 7 - 2012

As you may already know, Youri Zoon has left Slingshot to BEST’s advantage. Apperantly Youri has gotten a very good offer from Best which is the easy cause to why he leaves Slingshot. Below is an interview with Youri where he clear things out for us.

Q. Welcome to BEST Youri! We are really excited to have you on board for 2013. Can you tell us a little bit about why you decided to come and Ride With Us?

A. The offer BEST made me was one I could not refuse. As a pro-rider I have to be able to pay my bills but more important than that was the chance to become heavily involved in developing a product which focuses on outstanding quality, is safe and reliable and has a lot of key innovations. Developing a good product is very important for me and BEST is very open to this, they have a great R&D team based here in Europe and I’m looking forward to working closely with Peter and Jordi. I saw the offer as a great opportunity and took it.

Q. BEST is a big family with team riders and departments spread all around the world, how big a factor was the BEST family in your decision to change brands?

A. I always saw that Best is very involved with their riders and that team riders play a large part in developing and testing new gear and they do have a reputation for throwing a party at their team meetings. It’s always good when a company is like a big family, working with their team riders, thinking, talking and listening for opinions on all the gear and also looking for things we can do better and make the Brand stronger and stronger. I’m sure I’ll be very happy here.

Q. What gear will you be riding in 2013, just the GP or will you be using a combination of GP and TS kites for competition and training?

A. Next year in 2013 I will be riding the GP for competitions but I’m planning on being heavily involved in the further development of the TS. I have been riding a open C shape kite for the past 4 years so I think Peter and I will really be able to drive the TS forward.

Q How long do you think it will take you to feel at home on the new kites?

A. Not long at all. I rode the GP already and after 5 minutes I was landing my Blind judge 7, 317 and S-Mobe 7 so I think I will get used to it pretty soon. That kite is sweeeeet!

Q. You’re the number one ranked rider and current PKRA champion, you’ve already tested the GPv2, what is it about the GP that you think will help you win once again in 2013?

A. The GP has the explosion I am looking for in my tricks. With this I can go for new tricks and go bigger than before. This way I hope to be on top again in 2013.

Q. What are your plans for next season? Are you committed to boots for the PKRA? What are you going to be pushing for the 2013 season?

A. Next year for sure I will ride boots and the main goal is to become world champion again! That’s pretty much the only goal I am aiming for. Beside’s that I just want to make clean runs and go for really high scoring tricks.

Q. Have you made any plans with Gisela yet? It must be pretty cool knowing that you’ll have a female team mate with you on the podium at every event?

A. I haven’t made any plans so far but soon we will meet up and talk about a plan for the upcoming season and about the gear we will be riding on.

Q. Where are you going to be training during the off season? Do you have any trips planned and when will we see some BEST videos from you?

A. Soon there will be some nice videos coming out! I have some sick projects that I will be working on. For the off season training I will be in Cape Town (South Africa).

Q. Other than BEST, what will be your full sponsors list for the year? Let’s have some props for everyone that supports you.

Brunotti: For boards and clothing: I’ve been riding with them since the beginning of my career.
Javra Software: They’re keeping my website, iphone/ipad apps up to date!
Mystic: Mystic has been there since the beginning as well, keeping me warm with their wet suits.
Koraal.org: Koraal has and is one of my first sponsors and has always been there for me.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about riding for BEST?

A. Working with the R&D team, creating new products and pushing the brand forward. Making the best products out there!

Q. If we see you on the beach what should we say to you?

A. Anything you want, I’m always up for a chat! Come and Ride With Me and let’s grab a beer afterwards, it’s all good.

How to film yourself while kitesurfing

Posted by kite2012 On October - 6 - 2012

Do you like to film yourself while you´re kitesurfing? Who doesn’t? It´s fun to watch afterwards while you can see the mistakes you´re doing. Last, but not least, you can edit the filming and put it online! Just merge the few tricks you actually land, supplement some shooting from the car and your walk from the parking lot to the beach, add some music and you´ll have a cool video that you can share on facebook! There is just one problem… who is going to film all this stuff? Your girlfriend might stand for you one or two times before she gets bored and cold. And your kitesurfing buddy will probably not agree to stand in the water throughout your whole session… Of course you can mount your GoPro somewhere and nails the tricks right infront of the camera all the time. Imagine if the GoPro would follow every move you made… in fact that is fully possible by using a tripod from soloshot.com! Watch this video with Tom Court and you´ll get a grip over what´s possible to do with this soloshot!

Cross the Atlantic ocean by a kite!

Posted by kite2012 On September - 21 - 2012

Imagine crossing the Atlantic ocean, starting from the Canary islands and arrive 6000 kilometers later in the Carribeans. Is this possible for one man? The answer is probably no =)
But if you are 6 dedicated and crazy people, then yes!
The man behind this insane project is Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar, that got a vision in his hands one day when he was taking a shower, the schampoo in his hands looked like Africa and South America, thinking “OMG, I will cross the Atlantic ocean on a kite!”

But Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar can’t do this project alone for obvious reasons, so he has invited a number of professional kitesurfers. Currently Ruben Lenten, Susi Mai and Lou Wainman are game, two riders are still unknown…

More info on https://www.enablepassion.com/

Insane kite jump over pier

Posted by kite2012 On September - 11 - 2012

After surfing all day with the wind reaching 45 knots in, Elias’s friend was happy to jump in the car to go back home without any injures from all the kitesurfing that day. Elias Seadi was of another opinion… Elias came with the brilliant idea to jump over the platform Tramandai, which today has never been jumped before by a kiteboarder. Not believing but at the same time agreeing, Elias’s friend then asked him Elias to call his friends, who they had been surfing together with during the day, to come in for safety factor. And thanks to all the energy of the crowd on the beach, on September 4 Seadi Elias opened the Pier Beach Tramandai (RIO GRANDE DO SUL, BRAZIL) jumping 9.5 m high, exceeding its limits.

Youri Zoon Demo Days

Posted by kite2012 On September - 7 - 2012

Youri Zoon has currently been hosting a kite camp in Neretva river, Adriatic sea, Croatia, which is said to be one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world, but I guess that´s what most locals say about their own spot. Anyway, this is a pretty nice video with some good action, for instance some crazy dude that climbes up on a bridge using the power from his kite. There are also some scenes of the recurring “sausage parties” that we usually see in context with kitesurfing competitions and kite camps like this one. Girls, please start kitesurfing so that the atmosphere stop being so damn gayish! ;)

Kitesurfers, protect your eyes!

Posted by kite2012 On August - 25 - 2012

Kitesurfing in the sea a sunny day is great feeling, something you can do over and over for years without getting bored! To use sunscreen is obvious to most of us, forget it one day and you will be reminded to use  it during your next session when you watch your red face in the mirror the day after. Though what many surfers tend to forget is to protect their eyes…  More and more people are reporting that they are getting issues with their eyes after years of kitesurfing. Cataract, black spots and lines and blurry areas that appear in the eye’s field of view are some of the first symptoms which are caused from the suns UV-rays.

We live longer today than we did in the past, which of course might be a result to the high number of people that develop cataracts at a higher age. Diseases such as diabetes and genetic factors are also causes that can lead to cataract. But we also know that a long-term exposure to UV-rays promote the formation of cataract in the human eye.

It is easy to be wise after the event. Wearing sunglasses with straps while you’re kitesurfing may not make you look like the coolest guy in the water, especially if you use those sunglasses that actually are made to be used for watersports, you know those that will make you look like a german freak. So it´s understandable that you don’t bring the sunglasses out in the water. You may think that red and sore eyes after a long day in the water is not a big deal, a good sleep and the eyes are back to normal the day after, but it´s not so cool to develop cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis in an early age or even get blind if things turn out really bad. So it can be a smart thing to wear sunglasses even if you´ll look like a bit retarded.

Protect your eyes!

The message should hopefully already be clear to you by now. The cumulative effects of spending long hours in the sun without adequate eye protection can increase the likelihood of developing eye disorders. Unlike our skin types which are more or less sensitive to sun it doesn’t matter to which ethnic group you belong to when it comes to eye damages caused by UV-rays.

In fact you should wear sunglasses every day, even on cludy days. Snow, water, sand and pavement reflect UV rays, increasing the amount reaching your eyes and skin.

When it comes to choice of sunglasses it doens’t really matter which brand or style you choose as long as they block both UV-A and UV-B radiation. But for obvious reasons it is not appropriate to wear your $200 Ray Ban sunglasses while you´re kitesurfing.

The absolutely best choice is to use googles that have a huge lens to optimize the field of view while they also block UV-rays from all incoming angles. This is maybe a bit overkill, but can be a good choice if you already have developed some kind of eye disorder.






Seaspecs is another expensive option. They are made for watersports and provide a good protection against UV-rays. They all look the same, quite ugly in my opinion, but they come at least in a wide range of different colors so you can pick black pair so you don’t look to goofy. Seaspecs redesigned their old model, which is a pity, I really liked those!






DirtyDog is another company that make sunglasses for all kind of sport activities. They have a collection of sunglasses made especially for water sports which actually don’t look to bad and you can buy them for a decent price! Dirty Dogs so called wet glasses models comes with polarized lenses that are treated for water runoff.



The one on a low budget can always buy a pair super cheap sunglasses made in polycarbonate with full UV protection. Simply make a hole in each of the arms and attach on a piece of elastic chord. You can these for $5.







UV contact lenses is a great innovation for all of us that uses contact lenses. The problem is just that they don’t cover the whole eye, hence parts of your eyes will still be exposed for the harmful UV-rays. However, use them in combination with sunglasses and you have a really good protection!




Exposure to UV radiation has cumulative effects on the eyes. Damage today leads to eye problems tomorrow. So be smart, use protection and enjoy kitesurfing until you get old!

Tarifa Kite camp 10 to 23 september 6 nights from 399€

Posted by coulbe On August - 21 - 2012

1 week O´NEILL kitesurfing camp in Tarifa with Tarifa Max kitesurfing, from the 10th to the 30th of september.  Level beginner/intermediate or advance clinic with NAISH pro riders SAM LIGHT and JALOU LANGEREE, from 399 euros with 6 nights accomodation included.

More info: info@tarifamax.net or call 0034 696558227

Every Olympics has some new sports. Windsurfing has been banned from
the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and replaced by Kiteboarding, the
International Sailing Federation(ISAF) has announced at its mid-year
meeting in Stresa, Italy. It has been accepted by the ISAF after a 19/17
vote and it has been made for both men and women.

The decision today will change the lives of thousands of Kiteboarders that now can live their Olympics dream.The National Sailing Associations will now include Kiteboarding into their programs and coach and support the riders to
go to the Olympics qualification events. We never thought we would get
this far insuch a short time

, said Markus Schwendtner, IKA Executive Secretary.
Germany’s Kristin Boese, a nine-time world kiteboarding champion, led the
celebrations. She wrote on her Facebook page:

KITEBOARDING IS FREAKING IN!!!! RIO OLYMPICS 2016 HERE WE COME!!!! Oh my gosh… we can not believe it yet… so much amazing work the IKA has done over the past 2.5 years… thanks so much for everyone that has supported us along the way!!!

So hope see you as a Kitesurfer in 2016 Olympics!

PKRA 2012

Posted by kite2012 On July - 11 - 2012

PKRA 2012 in St Peter Ording, Germany. The wind conditions are pretty rough as you can see in this video… This is just the first heat to sort out the qualifiers for the final competitions. Will be interesting to see if Youri Zoon wins as usual :)

Kiteboarding – a new olympic sport!

Posted by kite2012 On June - 21 - 2012

In the last 20 years kiteboarding has gone from almost nothing to a big deal, so big that Kiteboarding probably will go to the Olympics in 2016! It´s said in this small documentary from CNN that Windsurfing has to go out of the Olympics if Kiteboarding is voted in. A pity for all wind surfers, but I think the majority of us will be happy with this decison :)

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Youri Zoon in boots!

Posted by kite2012 On June - 18 - 2012

For a long time Youri Zoon refused to ride with boots, but apperantly he has finally realized that he is forced to ride with boots if he wants to beat Alex Pastor. His obvious sponsor is of course Brunotti, but it looks like they forgot a small detail when they were mounting the boots on the board… =)

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