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Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

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Constantly Kiting South African, Cape Town & Langebaan

Posted by Constantlykiting On August - 25 - 2012
Constantly Kiting Cape Town Langebaan South Africa

Constantly Kiting Cape Town Langebaan South Africa

Constantly Kiting is one of South Africa’s oldest Kitesurfing School. We have always be dedicated to the teaching of our new student AND will continue to do so over years to come. We are based in Langebaan and have been for the last 7 years, This year 2012 we will open in Cape town and look forward to all the new students we will teach on Blouberg beach.

Constantly Kiting Langebaan Location is the ideal spot have your Kitesurfing Holiday.

Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan

Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan

Our Training Ground – The famous Sharkbay in Langebaan is only one the out Training grounds.

We offer a few teaching locations in Langebaan and Cape Town, Sharkbay is just one of the few places that we are able to teach. It’s a crystal clear arena for the learning to kitesurf and we can find ourselves teaching quite often.Click here for more details… More….

The beach of the BloubergStrand in playacar Cape Town is home to hundreds of international and Local  Kiteboarders – We do many of our Entry levels land based course’s here as well as more Advanced waveriding and confidence courses. Click here for more details… More….

Sharkbay-Langebaan Constantly Kiting

Sharkbay-Langebaan Constantly Kiting

CONSTANTLY KITINGKITEBOARDING SCHOOL, An Authorized kiteboarding School of Langebaan, South Africa which offers IKO beginner courses with International certifications, Equipment rental and supervision, Equipment Sales and Demos.

We are based in Langebaan but have just opened in Cape Town as well. Langebaan is really simple to get to and is easy to get to with a hour and 15 mins drive from Cape Town you’ll be here in no time and enjoying the open spaces of Kiting in Langebaan.  Directions

Directions to Langebaan

Directions to Langebaan

The Wind season is from October till the end of May. You should be able to ride 3/5 days a week during this period.

Windguru forecast: https://www.windguru.cz/int/index.php?sc=21691

Wind is usually from 13 to 35 Knots on the Westcoast of the Western Cape and works with NW, SE and S.
NE wind very rare but great to kite in non the less


  • If you are coming to learn and take your IKO certification course, you can stay with us here at the Constantly Kiting Center where we offer you a room for the night included in one of our packages prices. See here. This price is for our dorm room only, However you can upgrade to one of our seefacing apartments on request which have double beds and are self catering.

Simply contact us by followinf the link and send us a quick email about how we can get you booked in and staying with us. Get in touch CONTACT US.

KITEBOARDING SCHOOL Langebaan and Cape Town & South Africa

Constantly Kiting , www.constantlykiting.comwww.constantlykiting.co.za

Constantly Kiting Langebaan

Constantly Kiting Langebaan

Constantly Kiting , www.constantlykiting.comwww.constantlykiting.co.za 


Kitesurfing in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

Posted by PDCKiteboarding On August - 19 - 2012

Looking for a great Kiteboarding holidays? Amazing Scuba diving for no wind days? Crazy night life or relaxing family Resorts?
Welcome to the unmatchable Carribean destination: Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen, Quinatana Roo state, Mexico.

Playa Del Carmen is right in the middle of The Riviera Maya, also known as the Mayan Riviera,  a tourism district following the coastal Highway 307 which parallels the Caribbean coastline of the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, located on the eastern portion of the Yucatan peninsula.

Originally a small fishing town, Playa del Carmen, or just “Playa” as called by the Locals, became a world famous Scuba Diving destination right on top of the second longest barrier reef system in the world and  rapidly  developped over the past few  years with many new luxury residential condominium buildings, restaurants, boutiques and entertainment venues.

This is the place for sailing, Jet skiing, snorkeling,scuba diving , swimming in cenotes, swimming with dolphins, zip lining, horse riding, guided jungle tours and recently KITEBOARDING.

KITESURFING SPOTS in Playa del Carmen area:


The beach of the Sandos Playacar Resort in playacar Hotel Zone is the main Kiteboarding Spot in the Area and also the only Authorized Kite beach and School of Playa del Carmen.
Starting from the Sandos Playacar Resort toward south, you will find a designated  mile long white sandy Kiteboarding  beach with no rocks, no obstacles and a lot of space to rig and launch/Land your Kites.

Sandos Playacar Kiteboarding Spot and PDCK teaching area.

Right on spot is PDC KITEBOARDING SCHOOL, the only Authorized kiteboarding School of Playa del Carmen, which offers IKO beginner courses with International certifications, Equipment rental and supervision, Equipment sale and Demos.

Sandos Playacar Resort, PDC Kiteboarding Authorized area.

The staff is very friendly and speaks up to 6 different languages.

On site you will find toilets, Shower and fresh water tank to rinse your gear off.
The Resort offers 12% discount on your online Resort booking if you come for Kiteboarding. Ask PDC Kiteboarding to get the “Promotional Code”.

The Wind season is from October till the end of May ( Sometime mid June). You should be able to ride 4/5 days a week during this period.

Playa del Carmen wind statistics. Mexico.

Windguru forecast: https://www.windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=133819

Wind is usually from 13 to 22 Knots on the Caribbean coast and works with NE, E, SE and S.
NE wind is usually the best as it is a bit colder, denser and pulls much more.
When the wind turns North (Called here “El Norte”), it blows from 25 to 35+ knots, and then you need to go to Isla Blanca Lagoon north of Cancun(ask PDC Kiteboarding about Lagoon excursion).

EPIC Kiteboarding Center at Sandos Playacar Resort



  • If you are coming to learn and take your IKO certification course, if you like All inclusive Resorts, if you to have your family doing their own activities few feet away from the Kite area or if you just want to be as closed as possible from the Kiteboarding School and spot, the best option for you is to stay at the Sandos Playacar Resort which is right next to the spot.

Also, as a Kiteboarder, you can get 12 % of your All Inclusive Resort booking with the special promotional code. Get in touch with pdckiteboarding@gmail.com to get the code.

  • If you prefer small hotels downtown (only 7min by taxi to get to the Kite school/spot), there are hundreds of them right in the center of PDC.

Have a look at “La rana Cansada”, https://www.ranacansada.com/.


PDC KITEBOARDING, www.pdckiteboarding.com.

Info at pdckiteboarding@gmail.com.

PDC Kiteboarding School and EPIC Demo center


From Europe the cheapest is to fly from Brussels Airport, Belgium with www.jetairfly.com , straight to Cancun.
Plenty of flights from USA and CANADA.

Kitesurfing in Keros beach, on Limnos Island, Greece

Posted by kite2012 On June - 29 - 2012

You wake up in a 5 star Luxury Safari tent. You have your breakfast on the padio. You have a view to the beach.
Crystal clear waters, endless sandy beach. Windy, uncrowded. Super safe bay with a stunning flat section, and a mini-wave section.
It sounds like the trip of a life time, on some remote island in Fiji. Too far away, too expensive.

Guess twice.
Welcome to Keros beach, on Limnos Island, Greece.
Keros, a vast, sandy beach, with turquoise shallow waters, blessed with Meltemi wind. A magic flat section on the North side of the beach, a bump and jump section in the middle, and small but nice waves on the South end. And the spot is empty.
Even in high season, there are maximum 50 riders on the beach, and the beach is 3 km wide, so it can handle many more with absolutely no stress.




Limnos is an average wind spot, with the Meltemi normaly blowing force 4-6. Some days can be flat, but some days can also be super strong, like most of the Greek islands. You should expect to use kites between 8m-11m, but often, smaller. The best part is the beach morphology, offering complete flat sections and a mini-wave spot at the same beach.
For those big wave fans, the island features one of the best wave spots in Greece, Gomati, but it is mostly a winter spot, so chances are better if you visit early or late in the season.



About the island.
Far away from mass tourism, Limnos resides at the North-Eastern part of the Aegean Sea, still offering deserted beaches (more than 100), idyllic small villages, archeological sites, and natural reserves. Located where the Meltemi wind starts it’s journey over the Greek island, Limnos in ancient times was also known as ‘Anemoessa’, which means ‘windy island’.

What makes the island so attractive is the unspoiled terrain and the natives. On Limnos you can see Greece as it was 30 or 50 years ago. The local wine, the local cusine, the unspoiled landscapes and the idyllic beaches, will want you to stay forever.


Keros bay is within an environmental protected area. The scenery is unique: sand dunes, salt lakes with flamingos, isolated beaches full of small shells, make you feel that you are not in Europe or Greece, but in a completely different continent.




The beach
The beach is sandy, the waters are turquoise and crystal clear, and the wide bay makes it super safe. On the beach you will find Surf Club Keros, which is an International Kiteboarding Organisation Affiliated center. All instructors are experienced, but super friendly. As they say, Surf Club Keros is a kite school from kiters for kiters, so the vibes are mellow and the smiles are wide!
Equipment-wise, you can try out brand new equipment from Cabrinha!

Being within an environmentaly protected area means that there are no big buildings around Keros, hence no hotels or studios by the beach. But you can go ‘Glamping’. You can stay at Surf Camp Keros which is located on the hill besides the bay, in one of their Luxury Safari tents, combining the feeling of camping with the luxury of a hotel room. The tents are very spacious (25sqm for the double and 35sqm for the jumbo tents) and feature wood decking, high quality furnishing, a bathroom and shower, plasma tv, but the best part of living there is the view you get every morning when you wake up-or while you are having breakfast in bed! Highly recommended!
Otherwise you can stay in your own tent at our Camping place close to the beach!

Getting to Limnos
Flights: You can fly to Athens (ATH) or Thessaloniki (SKG) and pick a domestic flight to Limnos (LXS).
From the beginning of May till the end of October, there is a Thomas Cook direct flight from London.
Ferries: There is a daily ferry from Kavala to Limnos, and 1-2 Ferries per week from Thessaloniki to Limnos.
Visit the Surf Club Keros website for more info and directions

Surf Club Keros

Surf Camp Keros

Garda Lake – The New Kitesurfing mecca

Posted by kite2012 On June - 8 - 2012

Garda Lake is certainly famous for its favorable climate , and even more for its constant and regular thermal winds.

More precisely the “Peler”, a north wind, blows during the morning , from 7.00 am to 11.00 am; instead the afternoon is characterized by the “Ora”, a south wind, which blows  from  1.30 pm until 6.00 pm.

While sailing is practiced all over the lake and the area around Torbole is famous since the ’80s for windsurfing, in the recent years Brenzone has become a Mecca for kitesurfers.

The increasing popularity of Brenzone  among kitesurfers is justified by the peculiarity of its thermal winds. In fact, the “Ora” having an intensity of 12 – 17 knots is particularly suitable for beginners, while the “Peler”, with an intensity ranging from 14 to 25 knots  is typically appreciated by more experienced kiters.

Another distinctive feature of the Garda Lake is represented by the absence of adequately spacious beaches. This natural obstacle has been overcome by the kite centers in Brenzone thanks to an innovative approach:  the use of boats, commonly referred to as shuttle service, for the launching and landing phases.

In addition this system has generated undoubted advantages for kiters, the most appreciated being: increased support and assistance, the possibility to try out maneuvers without worrying about going back upwind, the unique opportunity to be taken by  boat on the best spots and last but not least a huge space to ride with a breathtaking view surrounded by magnificent mountains.

The Centro Kite Marniga offers all of this, together with a variety of courses tailored for all different levels and ages. The teaching methodology we have developed in this center, based on the use of boats and radio helmets, significantly reduces the learning time and improves the quality of the courses.

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Kitesurfing in Southern England

Posted by kite2012 On June - 7 - 2012

Planning on vacation in Hampshire in southern England? Then you might as well take the opportunity to kitesurf or take kitesurfing lessons if you already aren’t a kitesurfer!

Hampshire Kitesurfing centre is located at the Hill Head kiters beach, an ideal location for wind enthusiasts due to it’s unique excellerated wind patterns and shallow water pools.

Hill Head is an ideal place to kitesurf expecially as it has a range of flat water and windswell conditions to ride in. Wind at this spot typically comes from the South-West creating a funnelled ‘Venturi’ effect as it passes through the gap between Calshot and the IOW. This means we usually have at least 5-10 knots more than all other locations on the South coast. Kitesurfing Lessons are run here in the shallow waterpools by the Hampshire Kitesurfing Centre, lessons are run just away from the normal launch and land spot to help keep the newbies out of the way of the local kiters and to make it a more relaxed experience for the new students.

The Hampshire Kitesurfing centre offer beginner kitesurfing lessons right through to advanced coaching with local pro riders running clincs. The centre also offers SUP courses for no wind days. A local shop is on hand to help with any kitesurfing equipment issues and the guys at the centre are always happy to give a helpng hand to all that need it.

For further information contact: info@hampshirekitesurfing.com

Or call: 07863 811 644


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Aitutaki, Cook Islands – Kitesurfing in the heart of Polynesia

Kia Orana, welcome to the Cook Islands, the best-kept secret of the South Pacific. The 15 islands of the Cooks are located halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, widely scattered across the ocean. The jewel of the Cook Islands is Aitutaki. The magnificent and remote island is the stuff of which dreams are made and lies in the most beautiful lagoon in the world. Aitutaki is 220 kilometres north of Rarotonga and less than an hour’s flight away. Here you will find the perfect place for your kitesurfing-holidays, no matter if you’re a rookie or an old stager. The breath-taking sight of crystal clear turquoise waters and sparkling white beaches in combination with steady trade winds – what more could one want?

Our Aitutaki Kite Centre lies on Honeymoon Island, one of the small and charming uninhabited motus (little islands) around the main island. It’s beside a 1 km long sandbar with butter flat water and a shallow learner’s area which stretches for miles. It just doesn’t get crowded! An amazing spot to improve and perfect your kiteboarding, get cover page photos and relax. We have highly experienced IKO certified instructors and our goal is fun, safety and teaching at a pace to suit your abilities. We offer kite control and board intro sessions, up-and-riding lessons, supervised sessions and accelerator classes. We are equipped with a full time safety boat and secure gear storage. Of course we care for your creature comforts as well, we have BBQ facilities,  refreshments and fresh coconuts without end! Set your watches on island-time, bring sun protection for your face, body and eyes and let us take care of the rest!




Further informations you find on our website www.southpacifickiteboarding.com.
Ask us any question: info@southpacifickiteboarding.com or follow us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AitutakiKiteCentre

Kia manuia – May good fortune shine on you!
Mike Lee, Aitutaki Kite Centre

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Kitesurfing in Bali

Posted by kite2012 On May - 25 - 2012

Kitesurfing, also known as” Kiteboarding “started at the end of the 90’ and become one of the most popular extreme water sports gaining followers all over the world.
Kitesurfing is a unique and exciting sport that is the combination of many other watersports: The speed of water skiing, the acrobatic moves of wakeboarding, the precise curves on the waves like surfers and the amazing jumps that makes you literally flying!

Hearing all of this makes you feel like you want to run to the beach, get a kite a board and launch yourself into this incredible adventure.

But like all extreme sports is not as easy as it seems and could be very dangerous! Numerous deaths happened around the world…

Watching experience riders flying effortless on their boards and shredding havoc on the waves or jump as high as a bird really looks like it’s nothing and anyone can do it…

Kitesurfing is a sport to be taken with extreme respect! The kites are extremely powerful and can easily become a danger to yourself and to others. Like a wild horse can drag you on the beach or thrown you in the air like a twig.

So try to follow the few tips that are listed below trying to avoid those mistakes and mishaps that all of us pioneers of this sport have happened sooner or later during our first steps:

1 – It’s always best, at least at the beginning, to use the services of a professional school, this will help you to learn more quickly and way more safely than if you try on your own.
Not only that but you will save money! Because crashing and destroying a brand new kite can seriously hurt your bank account.

2 – Get informed! There are hundreds of sites on the web where to find information’s about kitesurfing, how to learn, types of kiteboarding equipment, where to do it and all the dangers related.

Here are few very good:
– Kitesurfing School, pretty much the bible for those who want to learn the sport,
– Kite Forum, a forum where thousand of fans enjoy discussing their favorite sport, www.kiteforum.com
– Bali Kitesurfing, the original and most informative guide about Kitesurfing in Bali and all of Indonesia www.bali-kitesurfing.org

– Bali Kitesurfing on Facebook, get all the latest news and find a daily wind report of the conditions in Sanur at Kite Beach

3 – If there are no schools in your area, try to learn on your own but step by step.

Start by flying a small trainer kite specially designed for learning safely also call  “stunt kite” normally about  2 square meters.

Then read everything possible in the web sites mentioned above and get an instructional Kitesurfing DVD professional made like the one from Progression.

Learn to Wakeboard behind a boat to help with your board riding skill.

In Bali the best place to start is at kite Beach in Sanur “Pantai Pura Mertasari” where there is huge lagoon with calm water that is perfect for practice.

The wind intensity in Bali is never too strong so is very rare that it reach a force such that kiteboarding become really dangerous.

Rather there are more days when we wander from one beach to another desperately looking for that gust of air that allows us to glide over the water and dream.

To learn kitesurfing in Bali there are already few schools and they are all located in Sanur:

Bali Kitesurfing School, is owned and run by the Balinese kite team, they are very patient and very good in teaching.
They only use the latest and best equipment on the market.

Water Lessons are all One on One and the instructors follow you at all time in the water in a motorized boat.

Rip Curl School of Surf, is an international Kitesurfing school that is associated to IKO.

In Bali and all of Indonesia at the moment there is only ONE shop where to find all you need.

KITE & SURF BALI – THE PRO SHOP located in Sanur very close to Kite Beach.
Prices are really convenient compare to any other place in the world and they sell equipment from the best brands like: Cabrinha, Ozone, Underground, Flying Object and more.

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Kitesurfing in Cape Verde

Posted by kite2012 On May - 24 - 2012

Cape Verde is quickly becoming synonymous with the term Kite Surfing. It is a hidden jewel in the middle of a vast ocean. Having lived on the island of Sal for 6 years I can confidently attest to its greatness as a kite destination. Where else in the world can you arrive at an airport and travel only 20 min to your hotel and then only another 10 min to one of 4 kite spots. Not many by my reckoning. I learned to kite surf here and will freely admit that it was challenging. There is no lagoon, no shallow water and nowhere that is always completely flat. However, by the time I was up and riding I felt confident that I could kite surf anywhere in the world. Once I was up, I worried that I would soon become bored and have to find a new challenge. However 6 years down the road, the opportunities for challenge are boundless.
Sal has 4 main kite locations all within a 10-20 min range. Each spot offers something completely different.

There is the Bay Santa Maria. Here the wind is often side off (though it can change to off, on, or side) and fairly flat. It is a great place for long runs. There are no rocks, no reefs, but you may bump into a turtle, some dolphins and on occasion even a whale. Further up the Bay is Lembje beach. To enter here is a little difficult as there are some rocks. However once you are out, it is great sailing. The inside of the Bay is flat, whereas the outside often offers a lovely swell. When the waves do come in here, they are some of the nicest on the island.



On the west coast there is the beach in front of the Riu hotel. Here the wind is more off shore and is brilliant for speed sailing and free style. It is also 500 meters from the world famous wave spot Punta Preta. Punta Preta, when it is working, offers an orchestra of both large and powerful waves. The wave can reach up to 6 meters high, with a beach break to match. Across the island from this spot on the east coast is Kite Beach. Kite beach has a reef, on shore winds, and waves for those yearning to jump and play in waves without fear. To top it all off, we have yet to reach the point of saturation. There is space to play, space to ride, space to jump. When you are not on the water, the Island is governed by the local motto of NO STRESS. Cape Verdians are friendly and easy to spend time with. There is little to no rain and there is more than enough sun to satisfy those accompanying the obsessed kiter.
There are no major tourist sites, which makes for a stress-guilt free holiday of either lying in the sun or being out on the water.
There are a number of schools on the island offering lessons and rentals for both kite and windsurfing. I would recommend Surf Zone, which has a school in the Bay of Santa Maria and on the west coast in front of the Riu hotel. It is the only school that offers only private and semi private lessons to ensure both safety and quality lessons. For more information on the island, kite spots etc, visit their site www.surfcaboverde.com , which offers a large amount of information. For me, having traveled and lived in a number of countries, this is as good as it gets.

/ Sheena

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Are you thinking of travelling to Brasil this year to kiteboard? Do you want an adventure and endless wind? Then here is the kite trip you don’t want to miss.

Kiteboarders travelling to Brasils’ North East coast of Ceara can now go where few have kited before, on a Private kiteboard trip that explores beyond the “regular tourist” spots. Previously, most have stayed pretty close to Fortaleza because of its’ international airport, but, over the last 5 years Brasil has grown and improved in many areas. The most important improvements have been to the roads, safety, transportation and hospitality industry which has opened up the North to fantastic kite adventure trips.

Kiters looking for a trip to remember are now leaving the known spots in search of more wind and incredible kiting spots just a few hours further. As a result more and more people are booking kite trips that showcase various spots with a wide variety of conditions and sights. The trip locations will highlight sliding down giant sand dunes to jumping over small sand bars, from kiting big waves to flying across flat water. The trip organizers at Windy Addiction will help you to avoid the common tourist trap mistakes and navigate quickly from city to kite town to the beach with ease maximizing your fun and time on the water.

The best kite trip now available in Brasil is with Windy Addiction. Their office, kiteschool and Pousada (bed and breakfast), is centrally located in Ilha do Guajiru, approximately 2 hours North of Fortaleza. This spot is fantastic for beginners are pro-kiters since it has a wide shallow flat water river lagoon, each kite trip will start and finish here. Your trip includes; breakfast, accommodations, transport, a one hour free kite clinic
to all group members and of course more wind than you’ve ever seen! The trip is divided to take you to some famous spots as well as some hidden treasures and secret spots that only the locals and your guide know about.

Your personal guide, and kite instructor, will speak Portuguese and English and organize 7-10 day trips specific for your groups kiting abilities. Imagine…waking up along the beach with the wind already blowing, kiting some epic flat water and then doing a downwinder into waves! At the end of the day you will be welcomed back by
friends, treated like family and share great stories while enjoying some world reknown Brasilian Caiparinhas.




The trips do need to be booked in advance and have a minimum booking requirement of 3 persons. For more details and pricing please see “7-10 Day Kite Adventure trip” there you may see an example trip itinerary.

For any other questions or help regarding kiteboarding accommodations, lessons or trips in Brasil, please contact David at kiteboarding@windyaddiction.com.

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Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Posted by kite2012 On May - 3 - 2012

The people in Sri Lanka seems to have amazingly good conditions for kitesurfing! Kitesurfinglanka.com is a kiteschool on the north west coast of Sri Lanka, on the peninsula of Puttalam. Here you´ll find more than a dozen spots with flat water and not over crowded with surfers, a paradise both for beginners and more advanced riders. The wind blows at an average of 18-20 knots – 24/7 during May to October. Sounds pretty good to me, huh?

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Kitesurfing Course

Posted by kite2012 On November - 25 - 2011

Is it necessary to take a kitesurfing course?

In my opinion the answer is, without doubt, YES! Kitesurfing is known as a hazardous extreme sport, which is both true and false. In the end it all comes down to in what way you decide to surf. One can stick to kitesurfing in safe conditions and in a safe way. What I mean by this is that if you only go out with your kite in light wind conditions and if you are happy with just cruising back and forth, then you don’t have anything to worry about. The power generated by the kite depends on the size and the wind speed. Double the size of the kite and you get twice the power. Double the wind speed and you can multiply the power by four. In other words, as long as you’re not overpowered you´re most probably fine even if you crash.
Safety equipment will also greatly improve your safety. Use of a helmet and an impact west while surfing in light wind is like driving your car 30 mph with seatbelt and airbags. You really have to be unlucky to get injured in these conditions.

So why are we told that kitesurfing is hazardous?

Kitesurfing invite the majority of all surfers to keep pushing their limits. You end up riding overpowered faster and faster, jumping higher and higher. It’s fun and also a great feeling to jump so it’s natural that we push the limits. But as you get more experienced you also learn to handle speed and power which in turn makes you a safer rider. So the fact that the water is filled with crazy kitesurfers can’t really be applied to number of injuries.

So when are people getting injured?

Some accidents happen when advanced riders are making tricks and skimp on safety. We all know that only geeks were helmets and it´s cool to show of your tricks near the beach in shallow water. Sometimes certain riders have to pay for this style with broken ankles and wrists and dislocated knees.
However the worst accidents are those on land… crashing in the water is one thing. The water damp your landing pretty good even in shallow water. But crashing straight down to the ground can fuck you up quite bad, you can even die if you’re unlucky and hit a stone, tree, building etc.
Many of the accidents on land happen due to carelessness and insufficient knowledge about safe kitesurfing, things that you learn when you take a course…

How can I avoid getting injured?

If you read everything above this line you probably understand that I advise everyone to take a kitesurfing course. You might have a buddy that can teach you, but that is not recommended. Imagine step into a gym for the first time in your life. Would you prefer to get a lesson in weight lifting from an instructor rather than having your friend telling you some “good tips”? Your buddy might be a good kitesurfer, but will most likely teach you how to kitesurf in a way that reflects his own experiences with kitesurfing. There is a good chance that he doesn’t point out the importance of how to use the safety system or show you how to launch and land in an inappropiate way or why you should avoid launching and landing behind sand dunes, hills, infront of obstacles etc.

For some good information on kitesurfing rules, equipment, hand signals, wind window eth. check out Gusty. Click on the links next to the girl.
This page also has some great information about kitesurfing kurs. It’s in swedish, but hey we all know how to use google translate, right? :)

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Kiteschool in Sweden

Posted by kite2012 On November - 16 - 2011

Are you planning to take a kite course next season? Perhaps are you going to kitesurf in Sweden? There are some really nice spots in the southern part of Sweden, such as Habo Ljung, Falsterbo, Varberg, Höllviken, just to mention a few.

Perhaps are you a total beginner who is looking for a course or maybe would you like your girlfriend to start kitesurf as well?

If so, I would like to recommend Gusty, a kiteschool that is run by a nice guy called Gustav. I took my course through him this season and I’m very happy with his way to teach and a big plus is the delicious lunch that was included in the course.

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