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Kitesurfers also need a laugh now and then :)

Posted by kite2012 On September - 24 - 2012

It´s getting dark and cold here in Sweden, the place where I who post all this shit about is kitesurfing currently is located. The kite season is about to end here and a freaking long winter is waiting us, I´m freezing just by looking out of the window right now! Yesterday I had to students and I spent 6 hours in the water. Did I freeze? Actually just a little, but I had to use three pair of thermal underwears under two pair five millimeter wetsuits, that´s how cold it is already! Today, I felt pretty blue over this fact, but I just come a cross this picture which put a smile on my face =)

















Kiteloop Crash

Posted by kite2012 On September - 22 - 2012

Beany is not the guy that bails out on kiteloops, he is rather the one that rush into the water when the wind is picking up! One day he got out in the water when it was quite gusty… During an attempt to jump and loop the kite a gust hit him with such power that the bar got ripped out of his hands, which never is fun, especially not when you´re 3-4 meters above the surface!

















Cross the Atlantic ocean by a kite!

Posted by kite2012 On September - 21 - 2012

Imagine crossing the Atlantic ocean, starting from the Canary islands and arrive 6000 kilometers later in the Carribeans. Is this possible for one man? The answer is probably no =)
But if you are 6 dedicated and crazy people, then yes!
The man behind this insane project is Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar, that got a vision in his hands one day when he was taking a shower, the schampoo in his hands looked like Africa and South America, thinking “OMG, I will cross the Atlantic ocean on a kite!”

But Filippo van Hellenberg Hubar can’t do this project alone for obvious reasons, so he has invited a number of professional kitesurfers. Currently Ruben Lenten, Susi Mai and Lou Wainman are game, two riders are still unknown…

More info on

Kickass video with Alex Bournay!!

Posted by kite2012 On September - 13 - 2012

One of the best videos I´ve seen in a long time! Alex Bournay is a cool rider that doesn’t fear height, just check out his incredible jumps in this video! Some kiteloops added to this video and it would be a 10 pointer! Great editing and choice of music on top of the awesome action! As you will see Alex Bournay is riding with a Best GP, so here is also some free promo for you BEST! ;)

Airton Cozzolino – Kitesurf Wave World Champion 2012

Posted by kite2012 On September - 13 - 2012

Airton Cozzolino is a 18-years-old guy with crazy eyes and a passion for waves! Born in Cape Verde Airton truanted from school as soon as there were waves in the water! His love to the sea made him spend almost more time in the water than on land which of course helped him to develop outstanding skills with his kite and board. In 2012 Airton won the Kitesurf Wave World Champion 2012 and he is now fully dedicated to keep his position as the world’s best wave kitesurfer!

Insane kite jump over pier

Posted by kite2012 On September - 11 - 2012

After surfing all day with the wind reaching 45 knots in, Elias’s friend was happy to jump in the car to go back home without any injures from all the kitesurfing that day. Elias Seadi was of another opinion… Elias came with the brilliant idea to jump over the platform Tramandai, which today has never been jumped before by a kiteboarder. Not believing but at the same time agreeing, Elias’s friend then asked him Elias to call his friends, who they had been surfing together with during the day, to come in for safety factor. And thanks to all the energy of the crowd on the beach, on September 4 Seadi Elias opened the Pier Beach Tramandai (RIO GRANDE DO SUL, BRAZIL) jumping 9.5 m high, exceeding its limits.

Youri Zoon Demo Days

Posted by kite2012 On September - 7 - 2012

Youri Zoon has currently been hosting a kite camp in Neretva river, Adriatic sea, Croatia, which is said to be one of the best kiteboarding spots in the world, but I guess that´s what most locals say about their own spot. Anyway, this is a pretty nice video with some good action, for instance some crazy dude that climbes up on a bridge using the power from his kite. There are also some scenes of the recurring “sausage parties” that we usually see in context with kitesurfing competitions and kite camps like this one. Girls, please start kitesurfing so that the atmosphere stop being so damn gayish! ;)

Switch Kites – Nitro 2

Posted by kite2012 On September - 4 - 2012

Felix Pivec and Marc Jacobs show what Switch kites nitro 2 is capable of! The Switch Nitro 2 is a high performance kite designed to be used with ease and safety. The Nitro 2 is a good kite for beginners considering its easy water relaunch, satbility and depower. more advanced riders will also enjoy this kite, just look at Felix and Marc!

Kite durability test

Posted by kite2012 On September - 1 - 2012

Both Cabrinha and Epic kites are out with videos showing how they test the durability on their kites. Epic and Cabrinha do however have completely different ways to test the durability of their kites… It will be very interesting to see if some other kite company come up with a durability test of their kites and even more interesting to see in what way they will test the durability…


Posted by kite2012 On August - 31 - 2012

That kitesurfing is addicting is no surprise! These kiteaddicts made this video to show their view on kitesurfing and how addiciting it is… enjoy :)

Navis Boards “Foucan” 132×41 Review

Posted by kite2012 On August - 28 - 2012

Navis Boards is a small company in Sweden that has challenged the big dragons on the kiteboard market. The boards from Navis Boards stand out from the crowd in two ways that are obvious at the first glance. The boards alone are handmade and made purely from environmentally friendly materials which give them their nice woodish look. So what about the performance then? I have already been riding the board named “Bolt” for some time. An allround medium sized board that is suitable for the beginner as well as the intermediate rider, a compromise between a lightwind board and a freestyle board. “Foucan” on the other hand is a board aimed for the more advanced rider that prefer a smaller and stiffer board that allows him to perform tricks with ease. You might have you heard the name Foucan from the somewhat odd sport named Le-Parkour. In this field Foucan is the name of a guy that is known for his outstanding skills in Le-Parkour, hence “Foucan” is a board designed with this guy in mind, a board for the one that likes to have fun on the water while jumping around and performing tricks. Anyway, let´s take a closer look on the characteristics and performances of the “Foucan”!


The Foucan is a stiff board. Not super stiff, but stiff enough to make it easy to achieve good pop, great for unhooked tricks and all kind of tricks, such as the backroll, where you need to set yourself in a rotation. Foucan is designed with Navis Boards new unique “spring technology” which further improves the pop force. This technology can be seen as the black arcs on the board. These arcs are working both as reinforcement for the board while providing the board with extra spring effect.

Upwind abilities

The size of the Foucan is 132×41 (136×42 is also available). Shorter boards are not known to make it easier to go upwind, but the width of the board weigh up its shorter length and it can be compared to a 135×40 board if you just look at the area of the board. In other words, the upwind abilities are actually pretty good, especially in strong wind where you really can carve the board deep in the water and achieve a good amount of resistance.


The Foucan is designed to be used in flat and choppy water. The rocker of the board is slightly curved which comes handy once you hit choppy water. The Foucan also performs well in waves with fine comfort compared to some other boards. Ride in high speed and the board tends to spray some water in small waves. This is however not a major problem, just approach the waves in a sharper angle with more pressure on the back foot and you’ll more or less solve this little issue.


To jump with the Foucan is a pleasure. The light weight (2.55kg for the 132×41 board) and short length of the board makes it easy to stay balanced in the air, so you can say goodbye to unwanted rotations in the air. The stiffness of the board also helps you to explode up from the water during the takeoff.

Stability & Grip

The width of the board improve the stability when you´re landing a trick or when you´re going downwind. The tips of the board are thinner than the center of the board which also makes them a bit more flexible which is nice when you land tricks and jumps since the tips act as shock absorbers. The “liquid super strong rails” are a bit rounded (this can be customized upon request), but sharp enough to deliver good grip during turns. The new dual concave rocker further increase the stability and board control.


“Foucan” is a board designed primarily for the intermediate to advanced freestyle rider. At the same time, the board characteristics such as the light weight, the small size and the flex make it an excellent board for old school tricks.  Ride the “Foucan” in medium to strong wind and flat water to fully take advantageous of its high performance characteristics. The price for the board with fins, pads and board handle included is €505.00. This equals approximately $630, about the same price level as the cheapest factory made boards on the market. Considering that “Foucan” is handmade with excellent board properties with a really nice finish make this board very affordable!

Click on this link for another small review about Navis Boards.

Wind Guaranteed in Brazil…A Kiteboarder’s Paradise

Posted by extremecontrol On August - 25 - 2012

There are many places in the world to learn and practice kiteboarding but none quite like Brazil. Over the years I have heard many stories of people planning their epic kiteboarding holiday only to sit on the beach waiting for the wind. Well, there is one place you will not have to worry about this situation. The Ceará province on the northeastern coast of Brazil offers some of the best kiteboarding conditions in the world with wind guaranteed from September to November. Check this out Professional kiteboarders come from around the world to train in these awesome conditions. And if you want to advance nothing helps better than nature. With the right conditions you will progress daily and leave Brazil a much more skilled kiteboarder. The scenery is unbeatable with kilometers of open dune beaches. The winds get progressively stronger as you work your way downwind, over 300 km, to Jericoacoara. As you cruise downwind you will be stoked on the sweet waves and the flat water lagoons. A real kiterboarder’s paradise with a view of the pristine coastline. The lagoons are famous as professional training grounds. Strong wind and flat water are a dream combo for perfecting your tricks and it doesn’t hurt to have the best in the world to watch.
Cumbuco is well known for it Cauipe lagoon with an easy 15 minute downwinder from the town…and plenty of dune buggies to bring you back to your oceanfront penthouse. You might find yourself making the trip daily. There you can ride to your heart’s desire and chill with a cold coco watching the action and there is plenty of action. Epic tricks being thrown down left and right…not a dull moment on the lagoon.
The town Cumbuco is quickly becoming the kiteboarders mecca with delicious restaurants and a lively night life! New clubs open on the beach every year with fantastic dance parties until the wee hours of the night. The wind is on your side if you want to enjoy the parties. It usually doesn’t pick up until 11 am just enough time for you to recover for your next session. With some acai, amazonion berry, and granola you’ll be as good as new.
This is the place so don’t waste any time and book your trip now. We offer personalized training services and have fantastic beachfront accommodations. Join us!
Extreme Control :
Skype: marcocristofanelli

Brazil Kitesurfing Holiday

Constantly Kiting South African, Cape Town & Langebaan

Posted by Constantlykiting On August - 25 - 2012
Constantly Kiting Cape Town Langebaan South Africa

Constantly Kiting Cape Town Langebaan South Africa

Constantly Kiting is one of South Africa’s oldest Kitesurfing School. We have always be dedicated to the teaching of our new student AND will continue to do so over years to come. We are based in Langebaan and have been for the last 7 years, This year 2012 we will open in Cape town and look forward to all the new students we will teach on Blouberg beach.

Constantly Kiting Langebaan Location is the ideal spot have your Kitesurfing Holiday.

Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan

Kitesurfing Lessons Langebaan

Our Training Ground – The famous Sharkbay in Langebaan is only one the out Training grounds.

We offer a few teaching locations in Langebaan and Cape Town, Sharkbay is just one of the few places that we are able to teach. It’s a crystal clear arena for the learning to kitesurf and we can find ourselves teaching quite often.Click here for more details… More….

The beach of the BloubergStrand in playacar Cape Town is home to hundreds of international and Local  Kiteboarders – We do many of our Entry levels land based course’s here as well as more Advanced waveriding and confidence courses. Click here for more details… More….

Sharkbay-Langebaan Constantly Kiting

Sharkbay-Langebaan Constantly Kiting

CONSTANTLY KITINGKITEBOARDING SCHOOL, An Authorized kiteboarding School of Langebaan, South Africa which offers IKO beginner courses with International certifications, Equipment rental and supervision, Equipment Sales and Demos.

We are based in Langebaan but have just opened in Cape Town as well. Langebaan is really simple to get to and is easy to get to with a hour and 15 mins drive from Cape Town you’ll be here in no time and enjoying the open spaces of Kiting in Langebaan.  Directions

Directions to Langebaan

Directions to Langebaan

The Wind season is from October till the end of May. You should be able to ride 3/5 days a week during this period.

Windguru forecast:

Wind is usually from 13 to 35 Knots on the Westcoast of the Western Cape and works with NW, SE and S.
NE wind very rare but great to kite in non the less


  • If you are coming to learn and take your IKO certification course, you can stay with us here at the Constantly Kiting Center where we offer you a room for the night included in one of our packages prices. See here. This price is for our dorm room only, However you can upgrade to one of our seefacing apartments on request which have double beds and are self catering.

Simply contact us by followinf the link and send us a quick email about how we can get you booked in and staying with us. Get in touch CONTACT US.

KITEBOARDING SCHOOL Langebaan and Cape Town & South Africa

Constantly Kiting ,

Constantly Kiting Langebaan

Constantly Kiting Langebaan

Constantly Kiting , 


Kitesurfers, protect your eyes!

Posted by kite2012 On August - 25 - 2012

Kitesurfing in the sea a sunny day is great feeling, something you can do over and over for years without getting bored! To use sunscreen is obvious to most of us, forget it one day and you will be reminded to use  it during your next session when you watch your red face in the mirror the day after. Though what many surfers tend to forget is to protect their eyes…  More and more people are reporting that they are getting issues with their eyes after years of kitesurfing. Cataract, black spots and lines and blurry areas that appear in the eye’s field of view are some of the first symptoms which are caused from the suns UV-rays.

We live longer today than we did in the past, which of course might be a result to the high number of people that develop cataracts at a higher age. Diseases such as diabetes and genetic factors are also causes that can lead to cataract. But we also know that a long-term exposure to UV-rays promote the formation of cataract in the human eye.

It is easy to be wise after the event. Wearing sunglasses with straps while you’re kitesurfing may not make you look like the coolest guy in the water, especially if you use those sunglasses that actually are made to be used for watersports, you know those that will make you look like a german freak. So it´s understandable that you don’t bring the sunglasses out in the water. You may think that red and sore eyes after a long day in the water is not a big deal, a good sleep and the eyes are back to normal the day after, but it´s not so cool to develop cataracts, macular degeneration, pingueculae, pterygia and photokeratitis in an early age or even get blind if things turn out really bad. So it can be a smart thing to wear sunglasses even if you´ll look like a bit retarded.

Protect your eyes!

The message should hopefully already be clear to you by now. The cumulative effects of spending long hours in the sun without adequate eye protection can increase the likelihood of developing eye disorders. Unlike our skin types which are more or less sensitive to sun it doesn’t matter to which ethnic group you belong to when it comes to eye damages caused by UV-rays.

In fact you should wear sunglasses every day, even on cludy days. Snow, water, sand and pavement reflect UV rays, increasing the amount reaching your eyes and skin.

When it comes to choice of sunglasses it doens’t really matter which brand or style you choose as long as they block both UV-A and UV-B radiation. But for obvious reasons it is not appropriate to wear your $200 Ray Ban sunglasses while you´re kitesurfing.

The absolutely best choice is to use googles that have a huge lens to optimize the field of view while they also block UV-rays from all incoming angles. This is maybe a bit overkill, but can be a good choice if you already have developed some kind of eye disorder.






Seaspecs is another expensive option. They are made for watersports and provide a good protection against UV-rays. They all look the same, quite ugly in my opinion, but they come at least in a wide range of different colors so you can pick black pair so you don’t look to goofy. Seaspecs redesigned their old model, which is a pity, I really liked those!






DirtyDog is another company that make sunglasses for all kind of sport activities. They have a collection of sunglasses made especially for water sports which actually don’t look to bad and you can buy them for a decent price! Dirty Dogs so called wet glasses models comes with polarized lenses that are treated for water runoff.



The one on a low budget can always buy a pair super cheap sunglasses made in polycarbonate with full UV protection. Simply make a hole in each of the arms and attach on a piece of elastic chord. You can these for $5.







UV contact lenses is a great innovation for all of us that uses contact lenses. The problem is just that they don’t cover the whole eye, hence parts of your eyes will still be exposed for the harmful UV-rays. However, use them in combination with sunglasses and you have a really good protection!




Exposure to UV radiation has cumulative effects on the eyes. Damage today leads to eye problems tomorrow. So be smart, use protection and enjoy kitesurfing until you get old!

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Kiteloop Crash

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