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How to learn doing kite loops?

Posted by kite2012 On April - 3 - 2012

A Kite loop is one of the tricks that many kitesurfers dream of being able to do. A kite loop is associated with loads of power and it sure looks awe when someone is nailing a massive kite loop, no wonder every kitesurfer wants to learn this trick!
But something is holding you back… fear. The fear of being smashed face down in the water, the fear of busting your knees or fear of not being able to commit the kite loop is for sure deterrent for most of us.
So how on earth do you learn to make a kite loop? Do you just jump as high as possible, yank the bar, say a prayer and hope that you’ll come out in one piece? This is one option, but what is much smarter is to start practise kite loops in a safe manner, and how do you do that? Look at this highly educational video and you might soon have your first kite loop session!

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