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insect bite + scratch + sea water = infection

Posted by kite2012 On March - 17 - 2012

The infection I complained about the other day didn’t get better. The so called doctor at the clinic I went to gave me antihistamin, which is for allergic reactions. I must admit that I was a bit doubtful about his diagnosis, why inject antihistamin in someone who obviously have an ongoing infection? But hey, he was a doctor, so I figured that he probably knew what he was doing!

Anyway, the infection progressed and I decided to go to the hospital yesterday, which I think was a good decision. The nurse and the doctor were wondering why the hell I hadn’t got antibiotics, which they gave me together with some anti inflammatory painkillers + an injection with vaccin against tetanus. I didn’t knew what tetanus was, but they recommended me to take the vaccin against it. Now when I google on tetanus I realize that I already have a vaccin against it, but I also read that it´s recommended for adult people to renew their tetanus vaccin every 10 years. I think I had an injection with tetanus vaccin when I was a kid, so I suppose it was about time anyway =)

I went to the hospital today again, to drain my abscess from pus, a very painful treatment. Unfortunately the pus still isn’t soft enough to get out, the antibiotics need to work a little longer before all the pus can be squeezed out. Tomorrow I´ll do it myself. I´m prepared with alcohol (for cleaning the wound, not for drinking), sterile injection needle (for digging out the hard pus in the opening of the wound), cotton buds, anti bacterial cream and sterile gauze. I can barely wait until my little operation, what a relief it will be to get the stuff out of my knee!

Talking about pus, I ate durian yesterday. The color and the creamy consistent of durian is very similar to pus. When it comes to the taste I do not know if there are any similarities. All I know is that the durian fruit is… strange! But good! Almost like eating butter mixed in a blender with whip cream and banana or something like that, impossible to describe the taste! Here are two pics of the durian. By the way, did you know that it´s forbidden to walk under durian trees? Perhaps can you guess why =)









I have to go back home and pack my stuff now. Then it´s time for a last dinner with my philippino friends, Bicol Express is on the menu!

However, anyone who reads this. If you ever get to the Philippines, be sure to take care of all kind of wounds that you might get. I´m far from the only one here that got an infection. The problem often arise from a mosquito bite or any other kind of itchy bite that you can´t refuse to scratch a little. The scratching with your dirty nails is bad enough, but what is even worse is the sea water! You might think that salt water can´t do any harm to a small wound or insect bite, but it can! The water is dirty and contains bacterias that our immune system can´t handle and that´s why so many non asian people get problems with small wounds. So my advice is that you immediately seek medical help if you see any sign on an infection, and of course don’t scratch! =)

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