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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

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Boracay Day 5 – Banana Heart Salad

Posted by kite2012 On January - 31 - 2012

Japs has been eagerly talking about some Philippine dish that you make out of the so called banana heart, you know the red big heart shaped thing that hangs at the bottom of a bunch of bananas, so I bought a banana heart today. I thought you were suppose to eat the thing like a banana, but it turned out that you had to add some ingredients to make the final result, a banana heart salad!

Fortunately a lady, Trinidad (or something like that) that works at Frency likes to cook, so I just had to buy the remanining ingredients for the salad, chili, ginger, red onion, coconut milk and “magic sarap”, handy for me! Besides Trinidad actually worked as a cook for 10 years, so when it comes to cooking philippine food I´m probably better of leaving it to her!






Here is Trinidad in action!









You might wonder what all the dried small fishes are doing there on a plate. Japs served me a quite disgusting ensure yesterday that you make of those fishes but when they are in fresh condition. The fishes are put in some kind of sour liquid to rotten for some months then you eat it with chili and philippine lime and green mango. Japs says that it’s delicious, I say it’s barely eatable… Btw, it´s called Ginamo.

The banana heart salad was not to bad though! A bit similar to the spicy papaya salad that you get in Thailand. Was a nice meal and now I´m full! Japs tough me what to say when the barkers will try to invite me to their restaurants tonight, “mosog ako salamat!” It means “no thanks, I´m full”. I´m actually suppose to join a dinner with some other guys in 40 minutes, but I guess that I can stick to beer, or perhaps just ask for Ginamo, I´m pretty sure they don’t serve it in the restaurants =)





My dear sister requested more photos, here are a bunch from the viewpoint on Boracay.























More to come! =)

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Boracay Day 4 – Recovered

Posted by kite2012 On January - 30 - 2012

It seems like the bad stomach is gone! First thing I did this morning was to go to Starbucks to have a cup of real coffee. The price for a cup of coffee at Starbucks is about 4 times more expensive than the cups you can buy at the local cafés, but you also get what you pay for… Besides Starbucks has WiFi and air condition which weigh up their shameless coffee prices =)

After lunch, Japs, the guy that works at Frency Hotels brought me to a place on Boracay were they have monkeys, moreover the highest mountain on Boracay. Was expecting to see some wild monkeys that you could feed and play with, but all there was were some poor monkeys in cages. They had some birds, also in cages. There were supposed to be some lizards also, but they were apperantly all dead by the time we went there. On the whole a joke if you go there to see some “wild” animals, but the view from top of the mountain was great, so this itself was worth the entrance fee on about $1,4.

The wind started picking up in the afternoon so I had kite session with my Royal Solo 12.5m kite. The philippino guy had fixed the bar that I broke the other day, what he did was just to replace the Royal bar with a Naish bar, works fine =)


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Boracay Day 2 and 3 – sick from water :(

Posted by kite2012 On January - 29 - 2012

Yesterday was a pretty good day wind terms. I had a nice kite session in the afternoon until I managed to brake the control bar in two pieces, not good… luckily some friendly philippine guys helped me to sort out the mess with the lines and they will also replace the broken bar with another one =)

Later I went to a local market to buy some ingredients for a dinner. Cooked the dinner in the kitchen at Frency Hotels, the place where I stay at. Rice, with egg, garlic and chili. Got some help in the kitchen from a philippine guy named Japs.

So I ate my dinner and drank some philippine beer with Japs, it was nice!

After the dinner I went to the internet café where I´m at now. Thought I should write a new post here for day 2, but suddenly I started to feel not very good… Went back home to Frency and straight to bed. Didn’t take long before I felt even worse and I ended up vomiting and of course got diarrhea on top of that. Went a few turns back and forth the bed and toilet until I finally fell asleep, probably with some fever. Got up at 14 pm today, feeling a bit weak, but things are much better now!

I talked with two other swedish girls that told me that many kitesurfers get sick on Boracay and the reason is apperantly the water in the ocean, not the food that I first suspected. They say it´s so common that you more or less have to count on getting sick at least once here on Boracay. Let’s hope this was the first and last time for me.

The wind forecast is bad for the coming days, so I might not be able to kitesurf for some days. But there are more things to do on this Island, so I´m pretty sure that I´ll get along anyway =)

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Posted by kite2012 On January - 28 - 2012


Kitesurfing is one sport that is now fast becoming popular. So many water sport enthusiasts have found new joy in the company of the sun, wind, and waves. For kitesurfers who are in search of amazing adventures all over the world, here is the list of the wonderful beaches with astonishing vistas and consistent winds.
1.    Cabarete, Dominican Republic
June’s third week is its best kite season thus, it hosts the largest competition for kiteboarding wherein hundreds of kitesurfers all over the world gather. Because it is considered one of the kitesurfing capitals in the world, this place offers professional instructors for beginners and amateurs. Also, advanced riders may take pleasure in testing its amazing waves and strong winds.



2.    Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
This kitesurfing destination is among the best in the world. The best time to take an adventure in the Outer Banks is between April to November because the wind that blows in the area is perfect. Cape Hatteras offers enough space for new kitesurfers who wish to learn the basics and discover new tricks.






3.    Maui, Hawaii
Considered the world’s top kitesurfing destination, Maui provides year round kitesurfing season. The water temperature is 84ºF which makes it advisable for surfers to keep their wetsuit off. Maui’s location and windy days all year makes it perfect for kitesurfing because you won’t have to worry about beach space and weather condition.





4.    Boracay, Philippines
Not only does this place have an amazing beach space and wonderful wind best for kitesurfing, this paradise also boasts its fine white sand. Kitesurfers who would like to tour around after their sessions would certainly love this haven.






5.    Cape Town, South Africa
The best kitesurfing season in Cape Town is during October until March. It is during this time when you will spot several kiters dancing on the water as they enjoy the waves and the wind. The wind is pretty much consistent during this time of the year thus, so many kitesurfers spend several days in Cape Town not just to surf but also to take pleasure in the panoramic scenery of Table Mountain.




6.    Tarifa, Spain
It won’t be called Europe’s wind capital for nothing. This southernmost part of Spain has become the fortress of kitesurfers. In fact, there are over sixteen schools for kiteboarding in Tarifa. Its weather condition has made it perfect for kitesurfing students especially during the summer.





7.    Hua Hin, Thailand
For water fun, this part of Thailand has become an ideal place as Hua Hin has remote beaches best for beginners and amateur kitesurfers. Also, there are several kite shops in the area which makes it more convenient for kiters.
These windy shores are guaranteed to amuse you but if you need more suggestions, you may also try to visit other destinations for kitesurfing such as Essaouira, Morocco, Gokova, Turkey, Cumbuco, Brazil, and Dahab, Egypt. If you worry that you have not tried kitesurfing yet, do not fret because kitesurfing schools are almost everywhere especially in places with great winds. So what are you waiting for? Pack your kitesurfing essentials and start flying!

Boracay – Day 1

Posted by kite2012 On January - 27 - 2012

After I like 48 hours of travelling by air, bus and boat I finally arrived to Boracay in the Philippines. I´ll be spending 4-7 weeks here depending on if I feel for going somewhere else or not. I booked a room for one month, so I´m more or less forced to stay at least one month. So you can expect to get daily news about my life here and things that goes on here on this island, that´s at least my intention =)

So what is my first impression about Boracay?  First of all, this island seems great for kitesurfing, it´s been very windy since I got here yesterday (so this actually day 2, but I was to tired to do anything yesterday, so I start count from today) and it´s not particularly gusty. The island has two beaches, the most famous one is called White Beach. Google on Boracay and like 99% of all the images you´ll see is from this beach. The other beach is located on the other side, it´s called Bulabog. Anyway, the wind is offshore on one side and onshore on the other, so all the kitesurfers are crowding on one side, at the moment on Bulabog beach, but they say that the wind will change direction in about 6 weeks.


Boracay is super expensive when it comes to accomodation. The high season is during this time of the year, so there are lots of people on the island right now. The Chinese New Year makes things even worse, but luckily the chinese people will go back home on sunday, so the Island will get somewhat less busy soon.

Average prices for a “cheap” room is about 1200-1500 php. 1500 php equals $35. However, the experienced back packer can of course find cheaper deals, especially if you´re ready to stay on the island for a month. When I arrived yesterday, I just took the first place that was vacant, it costs 1500 php per night. Tomorrow I´ll be moving to another place where I pay 530 php per night, the deal is that stay one month though. Still, this is much much better! The new place is near the beach, it has a kitchen and the room is as good as the one where I stay now.


The food in the tourist resturants are quite crappy in my opinion, but not to expensive. You´ll get a plate with rice and some pieces of a slaughtered chicken for about $3. Way better is to get to the local restaurants where it´s three times cheaper and more tasty!


I´m currently being eaten alive, but I´m sitting outside, it´s evening and the place where I´m at now is protected from the wind. Other than that it´s been surprisingly empty with mosquitos, another + for Boracay!

I think that´s enough for today, stay tuned!



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Youri Zoon

Posted by kite2012 On January - 27 - 2012

Youri Zoon

The youth has always been fond of trying out new things. Among the new things youth want to explore are new sports. The adrenalin rush that sports bring excites the youth and brings out the adventurous individuals among them. Extreme sports are become more and more popular among the sport-minded individuals as they bring a certain sense of excitement and power that regular sports may not possess. Among the extreme sports, water sports are the most interesting.

Kitesurfing, also known as kiteboarding, is a surface water sport that is growing in popularity among the youth. It is an extreme water sport that is a combination of surfing, wakeboarding, paragliding, windsurfing, and gymnastics. Kitesurfers employ different techniques when kitesurfing. Some of the techniques kitsurfers enjoy doing are downwinders, freestyle, course racing, free ride, speed, jumping, wakestyle, and wave-riding.

One well-known kitesurfer today is Youri Zoon. Born on the 14th of December 1989, Youri Zoon has been an experienced kitesurfer for seven (7) years. He was a windsurfer who discovered kiteboarding and fell absolutely in love with it right after he had his first kitesurfing lesson. Zoon’s favorite kitesurfing spot is Brouwersdam. He has visited many kiteboarding sites. He kitsurfed in the following places already: South Africa, Thailand, Mexico, Egypt, Canada, Vietnam, USA, Venezuela, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Cabarete, Portugal, Brazil, France, and Netherlands.

Among his kiteboarding gears, he is happiest with his Slingshots kites and Brunotti boards. He gets his Brunotti boards form board shaper Jinne Sietsma. His favorite board style is 133*40.

Whe asked about his riding style, Zoon said that he likes to keep his kite low. His riding style is one that prioritizes both power and technique. Youri Zoon’s favorite trick as a kitesurfer is known as Mobe 7. For him, the Mobe 7 is a very technical trick and when it is performed correctly, it exudes a certain air of power. His latest tricks with his kitesurfing gears include making doubles of almost all the tricks he has already learned and done.

He advices all those who want to try kitesurfing to make sure that they take lessons first before doing it.

Among his sponsors are: Slingshot, Brunotti boards, Koraal.org, Mystic Kiteboarding, and Daarom,com Online Marketing.

Youri Zoon has been a professional kitesurfer for 7 years already. Within that span of time he has joined many competitions all over the globe. He has competed with other well-established kitesurfers. There were a lot of instances wherein he won competitions. However, there were also competitions where he weren’t as lucky. In December 2011, he finished 3rd place at the PKRA World Tour. He joined 6 competitions in a row but was unable to win every single one.

Youri Zoon can be seen in a new video from Slingshot:

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Posted by kite2012 On January - 20 - 2012

Are you in progress where it’s time to unhook? Or have you already tried unhooking but feel uncomfortable? No matter what, Ben Wilson gives you a great lesson in how to unhook and how to overcome any fear that you might have about unhooking! This is a really good educational video!

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Insane Snowkite Jump

Posted by kite2012 On January - 18 - 2012

Insane Snowkite Jump

This video is from January 2012. The riders are:
Christophe Aribert, Wayne Phillips, Will Taggart and Pascal Joubert.

The location is Big Horn, Bondurant, Angle Mountain & Togwotee Wyoming

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Kevin Langeree

Posted by kite2012 On January - 17 - 2012

Kevin Langeree is a guy from the Netherlands. Born 1988 and a team rider for Naish. Kevin won PKRA 2009 and is a threat to Youri Zoon this year. His latest video shows that he really got some talent!

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Monty – Seglaren

Posted by kite2012 On January - 12 - 2012

What has this video to do with kitesurfing? Not a damn thing, but I like the song and I´d like to share it with you! Click on “like” if you like it, so I know if I perhaps should add more music videos in the future or if I should stick to kitesurfing videos :)

Ewan Jaspan

Posted by kite2012 On January - 8 - 2012

Ewan Jaspan is a new name in the kitesurfing community. This new talent will most likely be a regular face in the coming seasons. Here he is if you havn’t seen him before!

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Hannah Whiteley

Posted by kite2012 On January - 4 - 2012

Hannah Whiteley is a pro rider that is sponsored by Wainman Hawaii. Here is her latest video from Brazil. As you can see Hannah is a master when it comes to unhooked tricks! The board she rides with is of course Wainman’s latest board “Joke“.

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Liquid Force NRG

Posted by kite2012 On January - 4 - 2012

Liquid Force is out with a new promo video for NRG.

The new NRG is the most powerful kite that Liquid Force ever have made. To construct NRG was a challenge that force the LF designers to think out of the box and produce countless of prototypes before they finally come up with the perfect compromises. The NRG is a 4-strut kite with a flatter profile which provides lots of uplift force. The new NRG kite is said to have an amazing hangtime and the generated lift gives huge jumps!

Question is how Liquid Force will be able to match this kite in their next collection for 2013… Anyway, here is the video featuring Jason Slezak and Julien Fillion.

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Tom’s kitchen episode 4

Posted by kite2012
May-14-2016 I Comments Off on Tom’s kitchen episode 4

We Love Kiteboarding

Posted by kite2012
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Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

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Red Bull King of the Air 2015 – Rule the Sky

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A new video from Kite 2013

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What do to when it´s not too windy

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How to film yourself while kitesurfing

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Kiteloop Crash

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Cross the Atlantic ocean by a kite!

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