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Monday, September 25, 2023

Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

Archive for March, 2012

At least one good kite video this week…

Posted by kite2012 On March - 30 - 2012

Stefan Spiessberger is a newcomer in the kitesurfing world. He recently scored the highest trick with a Blind Judge 7 in the 2012 PKRA season. You can probably expect to see more videos with this guy!

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Snowkite video of the year!

Posted by kite2012 On March - 29 - 2012

Morten Gjerstad is known for his awesome snowkite videos. Morten has delivered some amazing videos over the last years and his latest with Remi Meum is not a disappointment. The video is shot in Utah and as you can see they have some beautiful scenery over there! The choice of music to this video can probably be discussed, but hands up for the filming!

Here is another old snowkite video from Morten. You may notice that there are some similarities between the two :)

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Dimitri from Epic Kites knows how to kite!

Posted by kite2012 On March - 27 - 2012

Dimitri does not only spend his time with designing excellent kites. Obviously Dimitri has some time over for kitesurfing, and this maniac sure knows how to kite! Just look how he flips the boards in the air, as if it were the most natural thing to do while you´re hanging 10 meters up in the sky, at the same as you’re piloting a kite with your free hand! This guy Dimitri simply kicks ass!

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Kitesurfing in Puerto Rico

Posted by kite2012 On March - 26 - 2012

A nice kitesurfing video from Puerto Rico. The video was shot under an obviously epic session, perfect wind, flat water, nice and sunny, and with a some smoking hot audience on the beach! No wonder the guys did their best to impress on these girls ;)

Kitesurfing in Ireland

Posted by kite2012 On March - 25 - 2012

I don´t post shit videos on this site, that´s why you don’t see new clips on this site every damn day. The releases of good kitesurfing videos this week have been quite poor, but luckily I came across a video that is worthy to be published on kite2012! Good music and some nice slowmotion moves in this awesome video from the West Ireland! And take a look at the water in this video, it´s like a mirror! I wish my home spot was just like that! :)

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Epic Kites – the coolest kites on the market?

Posted by kite2012 On March - 22 - 2012

Epic Kites have in my opinion the absolutely coolest kites on the market! Kite manufacturers come up with new designs every year. Their construction and features might be top notch, but when it comes to graphical design, none of them can really compete with Epic kites!
Epic Kites currently have 6 different kites in their collection. Design wise they are all outstanding, just look at these pictures!






























So what about the quality? Have Epic Kites aerodynamical features and durability that can match Slingshot, Naish, Airush and the other well known kite manufacturers? We did an effort to find out what riders really think about the Epic Kites. Here are some words from riders all over the world!

The Screamer is a high-performance kite! If you were thinking that the first kite from a new company wouldn’t be any good, you are wrong. The Screamer flies very far forward in the window, making this one of the best kites we’ve tested for getting upwind. Bar pressure on the Screamer is in the light-medium range. The Screamer flies fast and turns quickly. Hang time on this kite is fantastic. Once you get the timing of this kite down, be prepared to spend some time in the sky. Of course, all of this performance has to have a cost, and that cost with the Screamer is stability. Especially in gusty/shifty winds, pay attention to flying the Screamer when it’s sitting at the edge of the window.

/ thekiteboarder.com about Epic 2010 Screamer

The Renegade Infinity has light-medium bar pressure and turns quickly for a large kite. The power delivery is very smooth and the Infinity holds its power well through turns. This kite has a grunty feel to it and it does generate a lot of power, but the low end is not the best of the different light wind kites we’ve tested. The Infinity sits back in the window and has surprisingly good jumping performance for a kite of this size. The canopy remained very stable on the Infinity, even when depowered. When unhooked on the Infinity, we found it to be prone to back stalling unless you give it a few inches of depower before you unhook. Testing the relaunch ability of large kites in light wind always makes us nervous, but we were able to relaunch the Infinity in about 12 knots of wind with no problems.

/ thekiteboarder.com about Epic 2011 Renegade Infinity

Thekiteboarder.com tested the 9m version of the 2012 Epic Screamer 3G. An upwind and boosting kite. The overall construction is good. This is a great performing kite for jumping but slow turning. Really easy to get upwind when you’re powered up. Really stable in the sky. Fairly slow turning kite, bar pressure a little bit to heavy. 3 of 6 riders would recommend these kite to a friend.
/ thekiteboarder.com about 2012 Epic Screamer 3G

The Renegade is the freestyle/wave kite of the Epic kite line that excels at powered Kite Loops, and has ideal depower for waves and smooth, lively, responsive steering. With just three sizes in the kite range, the 11, 9 and 6 m, the Renegade delivers simple and reliable performance in a wide range of conditions and disciplines. The SBC Kiteboard test team ranked the Epic Renegade as the best relaunching kite.

/ sbckiteboarding.com about the 2011 Epic Renegade (sbckiteboarding.com are known for making objective reviews without favouring any special kites.)

What can I say, the kite fits like a great pair of shoes or gloves. The Renegade 9m was a very fast turning kite, had a lot of steady pull, and was the easiest kite I have ever relaunched in all my 10 years of kiting. I feel that the Renegade will be the best all-round kite for anyone who is getting into kiteboarding for the very first time. It is very simple to use, easy to relaunch, has a very nice safety system and was very simple to set up right out of the bag. I have very short arms, and it was hard for me to reach the trim strap when I had the kite in my hands for the first time. I was shown that it could be made shorter with just simple and very fast adjustment on the chicken loop line. I also like that one bar fits kites from 6m to 14m and can be easily adjusted in seconds.
/kitetricity.com about the Epic Renegade 9m

In the air, the power delivery is very smooth and deliberate. The kite pivots and then builds speed in the turn which makes kite loops and other powered moves fun to say the least. The kite is predictable and forgiving in its delivery so it doesn’t feel overly aggressive as some other kites do. Just a very fun kite to fly. Super comfortable, predictable and great for all skill levels. Beginners will love the easy launch , stable characteristics and 100% bar depower. Experts will appreciate the predictable power for wake style, old school or riding waves

/ powerkitesdirect.com about the Epic Renegade

2011 Screamer 14 meter: I rode this kite for a couple of hours because Dimitri lent it to me. It was great to try it out. Since I have experience flying C kites, I felt that the Screamer had the shape of a C kite with many of the modern characteristics of newer kites, such as a simplified bridle and much smaller diameter struts and leading edge. There are a lot of reinforcements on the Screamer. It has a relatively high aspect ratio, so it is designed for freeriding and hangtime, as well as speed (though I didn’t feel it was very fast like the Cabrinha Crossbow). I weigh 175 pounds, and I was using a wide 44 cm X 146 cm board in only 12 knots of wind as well as a freeride board Dimitri uses. The kite is higher aspect, so when you want to loop the kite, you really have to make sure that it is high enough in the window because it will take longer to turn. The higher aspect ratio allows you to get longer and higher airtime–at least so I had heard–and when I tried to get launched, I did do some high jumps (these jumps were not too high according to Dimitri’s standards). I carved upwind fairly easily with the kite even though the wind was light. I was surprised how much airtime I could get in just 12 knots of wind. The only thing I can add is that the kite has the direct feeling of a C kite in terms of its response. It is powered up the whole time when you kite loop

/Raphael about the 2011 Screamer 14m

Epic Kites play with open cards and this video shows the factory in China where these kites are made! Thanks Dimitri for the awesome kites you deliver!

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Karolina Winkowska in South Africa 2012

Posted by kite2012 On March - 22 - 2012

Karolina Winkowska injured her ankle in Brazil and was forced to spend a whole long winter to rehabilitation. Good news is that she has come back, stronger and better than ever! Injures are common among professional kite riders, just look at Youri Zoon, Ruben Lenten and now Aaron Hadlow. The constant risk of hurting yourself when you’re kitekurfing can hold you back in your progression, but remeber this! Bones Heal, Chicks Dig Scars, Pain is Temporary, Glory is Forever!

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In search for the perfect session!

Posted by kite2012 On March - 20 - 2012

sometimes you have kite sessions that just suck. Shitty wind, cold water and you seem to have lost everything that can be called flow. On the other hand, you sometimes have some sessions that are amazing! sometimes you might feel like you´re losing your passion for kitesurfing, then one day you have that perfect session when you once more realize that kitesurfing is best thing in life! The search for the perfect session never ends!

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What To Do In Manila Airport?

Posted by kite2012 On March - 18 - 2012

What To Do In Manila Airport?

Well, you can’t do jack shit, but eat expensive junk food and watch how the time goes super slowly. I figured that it would be extremely boring to spend my 18 hours in Manila at the airport while I was waiting for my next flight, so I decided to explore the surroundings a little bit. They have a storage room at the airport, so I handed in my 22 kilos bag and started to walk in a random direction towards the town. A friendly cab driver asked me where I was going and then gave me a free ride to a street from where you could see some local shops, a perfect starting point!

I walked straight into something that most white people probably wouldn’t even think about going into. Dirty streets, small dark alleys, shabby concrete houses, roosters, dogs, cats, playing kids, curious staring eyes… not the kind of atmosphere where you normally feel comfortable and safe, but it was in the middle of the day, so what could happen? I walked around for about 2 hours and I didn’t get robbed, beaten or anything like that, but had a pretty good time!

The first thing I noticed was that they actually had vacant rooms in this little hood. I didn’t check in considering that my flight goes so damn early in morning, so I might as well try to find a bench at the airport, it will do good as a bed for a couple of hours. But in case you are travelling on a low budget and look for some place to stay in Manila then there are several options in these hoods. I didn’t ask for the price, but I´m pretty sure that it´s not that expensive ;)












All the walking made me hungry and I was lucky to find a small restaurant that seemed ok and with fair prices. I bought a tuna and cheese sandwich for 15 pesos, with water included. The Philippinos were friendly and had lots of questions. They thought it was a pity that I didn’t stay longer in Manila since their 22 years old was single and I was obviously a potential husband.


I continued my sightseeing in the neighborhood and the atmosphere that at first glance seemed to a bit unfriendly turned out to be the opposite and full of vibrancy!










So what are Philippine people up to during the days in Manila? Some are actually working, usually by selling food and all kind of stuff in their small stores. But many seem to just take the day as it comes. Playing bingo was apparently popular here. In absence of unmarked bingo-maps you simply just place macaroons on your numbers. Card players were seen here and there. I was invited to a game, but left quite soon, the “mob” around me was a bit to close, besides I didn’t knew the game they were playing. Some dudes were playing basketball and gladly showed off their skills infront of my camera. Some men were sharing a bottle of rum while eating some unidentical things, why not?















Other were just sleeping…









And it´s about time for me to sleep as well! My flight departs in 9 hours, so I´ll see if I can find a comfortable bench somewhere in the airport, not looking forward to this night… over and out!

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insect bite + scratch + sea water = infection

Posted by kite2012 On March - 17 - 2012

The infection I complained about the other day didn’t get better. The so called doctor at the clinic I went to gave me antihistamin, which is for allergic reactions. I must admit that I was a bit doubtful about his diagnosis, why inject antihistamin in someone who obviously have an ongoing infection? But hey, he was a doctor, so I figured that he probably knew what he was doing!

Anyway, the infection progressed and I decided to go to the hospital yesterday, which I think was a good decision. The nurse and the doctor were wondering why the hell I hadn’t got antibiotics, which they gave me together with some anti inflammatory painkillers + an injection with vaccin against tetanus. I didn’t knew what tetanus was, but they recommended me to take the vaccin against it. Now when I google on tetanus I realize that I already have a vaccin against it, but I also read that it´s recommended for adult people to renew their tetanus vaccin every 10 years. I think I had an injection with tetanus vaccin when I was a kid, so I suppose it was about time anyway =)

I went to the hospital today again, to drain my abscess from pus, a very painful treatment. Unfortunately the pus still isn’t soft enough to get out, the antibiotics need to work a little longer before all the pus can be squeezed out. Tomorrow I´ll do it myself. I´m prepared with alcohol (for cleaning the wound, not for drinking), sterile injection needle (for digging out the hard pus in the opening of the wound), cotton buds, anti bacterial cream and sterile gauze. I can barely wait until my little operation, what a relief it will be to get the stuff out of my knee!

Talking about pus, I ate durian yesterday. The color and the creamy consistent of durian is very similar to pus. When it comes to the taste I do not know if there are any similarities. All I know is that the durian fruit is… strange! But good! Almost like eating butter mixed in a blender with whip cream and banana or something like that, impossible to describe the taste! Here are two pics of the durian. By the way, did you know that it´s forbidden to walk under durian trees? Perhaps can you guess why =)









I have to go back home and pack my stuff now. Then it´s time for a last dinner with my philippino friends, Bicol Express is on the menu!

However, anyone who reads this. If you ever get to the Philippines, be sure to take care of all kind of wounds that you might get. I´m far from the only one here that got an infection. The problem often arise from a mosquito bite or any other kind of itchy bite that you can´t refuse to scratch a little. The scratching with your dirty nails is bad enough, but what is even worse is the sea water! You might think that salt water can´t do any harm to a small wound or insect bite, but it can! The water is dirty and contains bacterias that our immune system can´t handle and that´s why so many non asian people get problems with small wounds. So my advice is that you immediately seek medical help if you see any sign on an infection, and of course don’t scratch! =)

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One of the best kite videos in a long time

Posted by kite2012 On March - 16 - 2012

Rui Silva has just taken home made edited kitesurfing videos to a whole new level. Fine Cut and other video editors are simply not enough to make a master video like this one! This video with Rui Silva in Vietnam has a perfect mix of action, humor, mystery, music and art. I´m not saying that it´s impossible to make a better video, but not easy =)

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Goodbye Boracay

Posted by kite2012 On March - 16 - 2012

Two days more to go before I leave Boracay. The last few days have literally been painful… My scalp has been itchy for several days, it´s extremely annoying. It has at least not been getting worse, but not better either. It´s very tempting to scratch the scalp, but I suppose it only will make things worse. I guess it´s about time to visit a pharmacy and get some kind of cure :P
However, the itchy scalp is not the worst issue right now, but an infected insect bite. I got bitten by something a couple of days ago, right above my right knee. I scratched a little on this bite and apparently managed to make it infected. The infection gradually got worse from day to day until yesterday when I staggered away to a clinic. And yes, I staggered. The infection hurts so much that I barely can walk. Anyway, the doctor gave me an injection of antihistamin, a tube with hydrocortison and some tablets with antihistamin.
The antihistamin makes you very tired and drowsy, so I slept for several hours in the afternoon. I actually had a good night of sleep the last night as well, even though I slept on my back, unable to move without feeling the pain in the infected area. Probably thanks to the antihistamin, nothing bad without anything good :)
In case anyone is interested in seeing what the infection looks like, here is a picture.
The white stuff you see is the cortison, applied right on the bite.











So, even though it´s windy today, I can’t go kitesurfing. I better do as little as possible. So you might think that all is just shit, but it´s not! The fact that I´m flying home soon is nice =) And I´m spoiling myself a little extra these last days with some awesome meals =P

I´ve got a bit tired of grilled tuna, so I tried something different the other day, Kare Karé! The chef that tought me to make Chilli Chicken made this dish for me. I just bought the ingredients at the market, handed them over to the chef (his name is Alan btw) and was served this super meal!













Talking about flying. A bird at Villa Frency had a nest in a small tree. This bird was brooding three eggs that were hatched one day. I followed the rapid growth of the chickens. They went from blind newborn chicks to flying feather balls in just about one week!









It´s about lunch time here now, so I´m heading to Levantin for another Chilli Chicken. My knee actually feels a little bit better, perhaps can I walk normally soon!

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Mike Blomvall in Brazil

Posted by kite2012 On March - 16 - 2012

Mike Blomvall a.k.a. Mike The Knife is one of the best kitesurfers in Sweden. Mike is currently in Boracay enjoying the wind and chill out life here. Prior to Boracay Mike was in Brazil were he shot this cool video!

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A Boracay Guide Is Taking Form

Posted by kite2012 On March - 12 - 2012

I´m currently sitting in the shadow at Levantin enjoying a Chilli Chicken meal that is so damn good that only this itself is a reason to go back here to Boracay! I usually don’t take photos of the food that I eat even if it´s super tasty. The fact that I do it now is a proof that this dish is something extra ordinary!

This is my last week here in Boracay. I hope that my posts on this site will give you a hint of the life here in Boracay. A friend once told me that if you go on a vacation somewhere then you must stay at least a month to get to know the place and to get a feeling about the life there. If you go somewhere for a week or two, then you might get an insight about that place but more on a superficial level. It´s just like you meet new people, it takes some time to really get to know a person. I´ve been here for nearly 7 weeks now and my impression is that Boracay is a cool place to visit if you´re a kitesurfer. There are plenty of other things to do when there is no wind and there are lots of nice chill out places, for instance Levantin where I’m usually hanging around at. But  I would probably go nuts if I didn’t have my laptop with me, but maybe that´s just me that is an internet addict =P

However, I would not go back here without my kitesurfing gear and my laptop. The once unexploited and beautiful Island Boracay with it´s perfect white beaches and clear blue water has unfortunately become a place for investors that are looking for new projects that they can make money with. Boracay is not what it was like 10 years ago. The Island is almost like a huge resort now. I think that there already is way to much tourists and buildings on this small Island, they even have traffic jams on the main road at certain times. And there is more people and resorts to come… But there are 7106 other islands in the Philippines, so there some other options if I go back to the Philippines. And if I do then I´ll probably drop by Boracay for kitesurfing session, a Chilli Chicken meal and of course to say hi to my friends at Villa Frency =)

I went to a cockfighting arena with Japs yesterday. The atmosphere in a cockfighting arena is something different. The majority that go to the cockfighting match is men (big surprise). The “box ring” has two corners. One say Meron, the other say Wala. Prior to the fight the cocks are brought to the arena for a little showoff, then the gambling begins. People are betting either on Wala or Meron. When the betting is done the fight starts. The cocks are equipped with sharp knives on their feet, so the fights are usually fatal for one or both fighters and the fights don’t last very long, sometimes not much more than 15 seconds.

I did bet on a few matches, but of course I lost in the end. So I left the arena a bit pissed off together with Japs. To get in better mood I went to a hair dresser with Japs that hadn’t cut his hair for 1,5 years. We both had a haircut and I think Japs was happy with the result =)









The tide is about to move back now and the wind is ok today, so I´ll soon go for a kite session. The high water makes it very hard to launch and land your kite, since there is no space on the beach. So there are usually not so many kitesurfers in the water around lunch time here. The surfers that go back on land when the water is high will experience some difficulties with the landing… The video below shows what can happen =)


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