Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2015!

Learn to kitesurf in Salinas Bay – Costa Rica

    Salinas Bay is located in the far northwest corner of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. It is a remote location that’s often windy with gorgeous untouched beaches not to mention the beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to go to experience the island life, it’s a place where you can be at peace […]

Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

When we hear ‘Tahiti’, it’s like our mind automatically relaxes and we envision paradise. And that’s actually not far from the truth because of it’s spectacular view, it truly is a magical place. Tahiti is the largest island in the windward group of French Polynesia. The island is located in the archipelago of the Society […]

Red Bull King of the Air 2015 – Rule the Sky

“Once word went out and the sport started to blow, that’s when Red Bull approached us with doing an event and that’s when we came up with the name ‘King of the Air’ and it stuck because at that time it was all about getting big air and the wow factor”  -Joe Keuhi The first […]

The Legends of Kitesurfing

What does it take to become a legend? It’s not about being a trendsetter or having a lot of fans or followers. You have to have what it takes to surpass expectations, to be able to do things in epic proportions, and your name has to echo throughout history as one of the awesome people […]

Hey girl – thinking of learning kitesurfing? Read and stop thinking!

Kiteboarding is a male dominated sport. According to research that 90% of kite boarders are male. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a female kiter shows up. I think it’s time that we change that, don’t you think? Ladies let’s go! We all know that swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise there is and when […]

Kitesurfing – the rise of a new sport

Ever stop and ask yourself where it all began? Well, I’m here to tell you a quick story about a sport which we now call kite surfing… Kite Surfing dates back to as early as the 1800’s wherein George Pocock used large kites to propel carts on land and ships on water which they used […]

Planning to Kite Surf in Costa Rica?

Travelling requires a lot of research, planning and preparation, unless you’re the kind of person who’s spontaneous, you should definitely take your time to learn a few things about that particular place. Costa Rica is known for it’s nature travel destination, national parks and protected areas. Because of it’s biodiversity and climate, there are quite a […]

Kite Surfing in The Philippine Islands

  When you find yourself travelling to the Philippine Islands, you might want to take a detour to these places or plan your trip around it and not just for the spectacular view and delicious food but also for the renowned Kite Surfing spots that would make you want to stay there forever or maybe […]

A new video from Kite 2013

Kite2013 has released a new video. Check it out here! Kitesurfing in Mexico from kite2013 on Vimeo.

Kite2012 becomes kite2013!

As you may have noticed 2012 is not longer present and this site is now put in the archive. Instead a new ste is launched! The name of it should be fairly easy to guess… it is of course kite2013! Kite2013 is different in a way that me myself will contribute with videos and photos […]

Malin Amle in Brazil

Malin Amle is a norwegian girl that shot this great video during her recent season in Cumbuco, Barra Nova, the famous kitesurfing spot in Brazil! You can check out Malins homesite here for more photos and videos of her. I´m currently thinking that I perhaps should I fix her wordpress site. It´s not the […]

Blanchard Brothers in Paradise

Blanchard brothers, Jason 15 years old and his little brother Eric 12 years old during their journey in a kite paradise somewhere.

Youri Zoon leaves Slingshot for Best

As you may already know, Youri Zoon has left Slingshot to BEST’s advantage. Apperantly Youri has gotten a very good offer from Best which is the easy cause to why he leaves Slingshot. Below is an interview with Youri where he clear things out for us. Q. Welcome to BEST Youri! We are really excited […]

Kitesurfing in Cumbuco

Cumbuco is situated on the eastern side of Brazil and is facing the sea which is ideal place for Kitesurfing activity and that is the reason it is also called the WindTown. The nearest airport to this place is Fortaleza which is about 40 km from Cumbuco. The warm waters of the ocean and the […]