Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Kite 2012

Kitesurfing News Year 2012-2016!

Tom’s kitchen episode 4

Tom Hebert is with no doubt one of the most “stylish” kite riders and a great source for inspiration. There are three previous episodes of Tom’s Kitchen and they are all great and fun to watch! Episode 2 is probably my own favourite, but number 4 is also excellent! A video that deinitely deserves to […]

Pulled hamstring from kiting

You know the feeling in your legs when you’re totally wrong in the landing from a high jump. Even tough you slide the board away from you and take part of the landing with your ass you feel that these kind of landings probably aren’t too good for knees, ankles and muscles. Still nothing happens […]

Red Bull Megaloop Challenge 2015

Recently the Megaloop Challenge was held in Holland. As usual the competition delivered great action and stunning megaloops! This awesome video sum it up =)

We Love Kiteboarding

This is a great compilation of some kitesurfing videos. You will probably recognize some scenes from other videos you have seen over the past years. Still this a great video that summarizes what kitesurfing is all about.

How do to jump transitions

Dimitri Maramenides from Epic Kites teach you how to do a jump transition in his funny way. This is a cool video to watch even for those that already know how to do a jump transition. Humour, style and knowledge packed together in this video, enjoy! How to TRANSITION JUMP from EPIC KITES on Vimeo.

Kitesurfer found drowned in Langebaan – South Africa

The kitesurfer who was an instructor was having a session in the late afternoon. According to rumours the kitesurfer, a 39 years old man from the Netherlands was doing an attempt to do an unhooked handle pass trick, but somehow managed to get one arm entangled in a steering line which resulted in the kite […]

International Female Kite Week 2014

Last December 1-7, 2014 KB4Girls held the #internationalfemalekiteweek all over the globe. This event was not only held to invite more female kiters but also to celebrate the past, present and future of female kite boarders. The event was over flowing with girl power and what better way to celebrate than to go kiting, connect […]

Kite trip to Brazil

Brazil is great destination for kite surfing vacation. Wind every day at season wide sandy beaches warm weather , good facilities and pleasant atmosphere. Except the super reliable wind, the main attraction of kiboarding in Brazil is the batter flat lagoons and the great downwinders. Brazil is suitable for everybody: beginners can learn to kite […]

Calories Burned When Kiteboarding

  It’s not just fun and games. Kiteboarding, as extreme as it is can definitely burn some serious calories. Swimming is the best cardio work out there is, combine with it the hardcore tricks and you got yourself a really good work out. But exactly how many calories do you burn on, let’s say, an […]

Learn to kitesurf in Salinas Bay – Costa Rica

    Salinas Bay is located in the far northwest corner of Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica. It is a remote location that’s often windy with gorgeous untouched beaches not to mention the beautiful scenery. It’s a great place to go to experience the island life, it’s a place where you can be at peace […]

Te Tainui Kitesurfing Video by F-One

When we hear ‘Tahiti’, it’s like our mind automatically relaxes and we envision paradise. And that’s actually not far from the truth because of it’s spectacular view, it truly is a magical place. Tahiti is the largest island in the windward group of French Polynesia. The island is located in the archipelago of the Society […]

Red Bull King of the Air 2015 – Rule the Sky

“Once word went out and the sport started to blow, that’s when Red Bull approached us with doing an event and that’s when we came up with the name ‘King of the Air’ and it stuck because at that time it was all about getting big air and the wow factor”  -Joe Keuhi The first […]

The Legends of Kitesurfing

What does it take to become a legend? It’s not about being a trendsetter or having a lot of fans or followers. You have to have what it takes to surpass expectations, to be able to do things in epic proportions, and your name has to echo throughout history as one of the awesome people […]

Hey girl – thinking of learning kitesurfing? Read and stop thinking!

Kiteboarding is a male dominated sport. According to research that 90% of kite boarders are male. It’s always a pleasant surprise when a female kiter shows up. I think it’s time that we change that, don’t you think? Ladies let’s go! We all know that swimming is the best cardiovascular exercise there is and when […]